Obama Immigration Reform 2014 Speech: Announcing Executive Action [FULL] Today on November 20th

Immigration Reform 2014 News: In an address from the White House, President Obama chose confrontation over conciliation as he asserted the powers of the Oval Office to reshape the nation’s immigration system.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1F8d0qO

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President Obama Immigration Reform 2014 Speech: Announcing Executive Action [FULL] Today on November 20

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20 Responses

  1. Rick Merritt says:

    Amen! You make me proud, Mr. President!

  2. Aaron Chavez says:

    i am in favor of the reform on immigration.. bash me all you want, i can
    take it.

  3. Stopthegreed says:

    Obama got handed a huge lemon. To make change, you need to change things.
    If the republicans think that change will come from sitting on their hands
    then they are fools. Free healthcare works in many countries around the
    world. It comes out of taxes. That’s probably where Obama went wrong. He
    should have just taken it from taxes and made healthcare free. Americas
    education system just dropped to 17th in the world under 16th placed
    Vietnam. Americas Minimum wage is a complete disgrace. Coming from NZ and
    Australia where it is double and still considered too low. The US
    unemployment rate is not much different to that of NZ and Australia who’s
    economy’s are doing well. If NZ and Australia can be doing well with the
    same amount of unemployed and have less taxes and have Free health care and
    a much higher min wage then there must be other issues sinking America.
    This really is not an issue. 

  4. Sil pullthemnow says:

    It’s hilarious to see teanuts whine and cry…get a grip ,your white world
    is changing. like it or not.

  5. theboxer5 says:

    Because that illegal girl Asteris went to University, one LEGAL resident
    was deny entry so illegals hurt us all!

  6. Janel Sanchez says:

    Everyone that says illegals are in some way leeching off of this country
    and its people need a reality check. Undocumented immigrants currently
    contribute significantly to state and local taxes. In 2010 for example,
    they paid an estimated $10.6 billion in taxes. 

  7. Sc Wortman says:

    I’m sorry everyone we cant all perfect everyone’s families from Mexico that
    come into are borders. Obama thinks he has it right be he really doesn’t.
    we should obey the laws that we had for the first time and no, its scary
    how he’s trying to push are congress for more power. Go back again and hear
    his speeches, its one baby step at a time for him to get more power and
    he’s doing it very slowly but progressing.

  8. WhyNoLiberty says:

    So let me get this right, all you have to do is sneak into America, live
    there for a while then your good to stay? Thats easier than the Visa
    process. Why would anyone bother doing it the old way. I think America has
    been spending too much time with Britain playing COD, they are both losing
    the plot.

  9. Robert C says:

    Impeach Obama Now!

  10. Ely Klenzak says:

    At 6:00, do you have to meet all of the three rules or just one?

    And does anyone know where i can find a Spanish dubbed version?

  11. Abdalla Jahad says:

    We all human too human, this is great speech historical value on
    Human right. Great job mr.president.

  12. Elijah Autumn says:

    Very well said. … I support it 100%

  13. yofof11 says:

    How The United States was created? By immigrants people from another
    continent who came to this continent call America. A lot of them were hard
    working immigrants just like the ones Obama is talking about who helped
    built this grate country call The United States (of) America, but also
    there was some pretty evil immigrants who came and did grate damage, lets
    not forget how many NATIVE AMERICANS were abused and killed eradicating
    most of them tribes and culture. Also they invaded Mexico killing many
    people and taking a grate majority of the land and yes Santana sold it but
    by force because that coward was going to get killed if he didn’t, that’s
    how politicians work they don’t risk there necks for the people every body
    knows that , its still wrong! Now saying that the majority of this hard
    working immigrants who work hard n honest to have a better life (not the
    criminals) don’t deserve a chance to be part of this grate country is just
    unfair and inhuman. 

  14. teebat58 says:

    f*ck obama. I didn’t like it when regan pulled this sh1t

  15. Willistead Park says:

    This comment thread is shocking – so many racist comments. I am glad that
    we Canadians are so welcoming to immigrants. After all, we north americans
    are all immigrants, unless we are a Native Canadian or Native American. The
    day Obama was first elected as President of your country, was one of the
    happiest days of my life, because I thought it meant the U.S. had ‘healed’.
    But it seems that you are still quite a racist country. That is sad.

  16. Allen Sheppard says:

    All I can say is what ever the commander & chief go president

  17. Dee Williamson says:

    There is and for years has been, a way to become an American citizen. If
    you want something bad enough, you follow the laws and process of doing it,
    you don’t just change the laws to make illegal, legal. I have no problem
    with anyone coming into our country legally and upholding our laws, as we
    as Americans are held to.

  18. wonderming1 says:

    Hmm, that’s a lot of newly gained votes for Hillary and the Dems. Ace in
    the hole has been played. 

  19. thefar cryking says:

    We dont know about the illegal immigrants backround and it could lead to a
    more serious threat 

  20. penn jillette says:

    If having millions of uneducated folks can make country thrive without
    hurting its citizens every developed nation would have absorbed all the
    poor uneducated people from shitholes across the world.

    USA will become like hunduras soon..

    I am LEGAL Immigrant and BROWN in color.