Obama jokes about Donald Trump with Fallon

Obama jokes about Donald Trump with Fallon

President Barack Obama weighed in on the 2016 election on Jimmy Fallon’s show on Tuesday, discussing Bernie Sanders remaining in the race and Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president.

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Saunders says:

    CNN everyone!!! It’s like Fox News but they sound nicer and use bigger

  2. Yanko Eos says:

    Guys I know obama’s a dumbass but watch out thinking trump’s perfect, the
    guy is pro nuclear weapons which makes him really dangerous even more
    dangerous than fuckin clinton… There’s no perfect choice, just saying…

  3. deadboy600 says:

    The biggest joke of all is Obama. and liberal Democrats.

  4. TheBase1aransas says:

    Obama has done serious damage to Blacks and America. His actions have also
    awoken many blacks to realize the slavery they are in. It’s up to Americans
    to wake up and stand for the principles America was founded on.

  5. For Your Consideration says:

    Squirty diarrhea

  6. vincent perdomo says:

    Is Obama the president or a celebrity? Because I feel like running the
    country doesn’t leave one much time for joking around on late night tv.

  7. SPICY BACON says:

    I hate all of canidates but trump is best of worst

  8. John Garrett says:

    Duck Femocrats

  9. mckeen771 says:

    Obama has to get on the late night show so people will watch his speech,
    yeah ok Obama is scum. Trump 2016!!!! I can’t wait! !

  10. MrArtist1971 says:

    That’s right, this is a serious job. And that’s why Trump will win.

  11. Time Is Money says:

    Google or youtube

    do not get your information from the news or social media…

    #vote #TRUMP
    but in the mean time stand in front of the White House and demand they let
    Mr. Trump in NOW #notNowRightNOW

  12. CAGRN1 says:

    Hillary is not the better choice….

  13. Dave M says:

    TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. Let him cut out the dead weight for 4 years then bring
    in someone else.

  14. Jarrett Gripp says:

    Fuck Obama TRUMP 2k16??

  15. 97ma says:

    Fuck all the candidates past and present, the presidents past present and
    future, they’re all on the same team to wipe you out.

  16. TheMajestuoso says:

    Trump ain’t going to happen. His support is too narrow (trailer trash). I
    mean, Trump is doing much worse than Mitt. You all know how that went,
    right? Pull your head out, not even this country has enough hillbilly
    trumptards to get it done.

  17. wholtzman312 says:

    ultimate lame duck president

  18. Uputz says:

    Obama is like Bush in 08. No one wants him on their side.

  19. Abielsvlogs says:

    Hillary 2016!

  20. LogicNerd 87 says:

    How can anyone support anybody this year?