Obama: Kaepernick Utilizing Constitutional Right

Obama: Kaepernick Utilizing Constitutional Right

President Barack Obama says the NFL quarterback who is refusing to stand for the national anthem is the latest in a long line of professional athletes who have exercised their constitutional right to make a statement about social issues. (Sept. 5)

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20 Responses

  1. PriceRight89 says:

    At this point, I won’t miss Obama if he gets assassinated. He’s been put in
    office to respect the flag and he shows his cowardice by supporting scum of
    the earth like Kaepernick.

  2. Kollaa kestää. says:

    It isn’t necessary to shi* on your country to protest injustice or try
    improve our justice system. You can protest injustice–whether racism in
    THIS country or President Obama’s and Hillary’s WAR CRIMES abroad, work to
    improve things, express yourself effectively, etc. WITHOUT DISRESPECTING
    all the great things your country stands for.

    IMO Kaepernick AND the President should DEFINITELY GET THE F*** out of this
    country for awhile and EXPERIENCE SOME REAL INJUSTICE–what most people on
    this planet have to deal with each and every day! Then they could come back
    and try to improve the flaws in this country without making fools of
    themselves. No question: Things are far from perfect here. But compared to
    most of the world, it’s HEAVEN HERE.

    Fact is Kaepernick is a spoiled rich kid who can’t play QB worth a F***,
    someone who has benefited enormously from our way of life in USA. His birth
    mother seems to be a sensible woman!

    Obama’s behavior in encouraging RIOTING IN OUR CITIES’ STREETS has at least
    one thing in common with Kaepernick’s antic during the national anthem:

  3. samwell tayrlor says:

    Honestly man it’s a great example of the freedom of speech we have in this
    country to where someone can simply just not have to stand for the national
    anthem. I mean if they think it’s so bad here they should move to Turkey or
    China to see how they would be treated there. Don’t move there as a sports
    person, rather move there as a blue collar worker looking for a job and
    they’ll see the real picture. If they want to stay here and say what they
    want then so be it cause they have the freedom to do that. God bless this
    Country period

  4. Ray Haws says:

    Blacks are the violent racists in this country and everyone who isn’t
    mentally retarded or lying knows this.

  5. Cordale Colvin says:

    here comes the dumb ass racist who dont know shit about history or dont
    know how to read and write but just listen to the media all day …

  6. sun tzu says:

    98 latent neo-nazi’s didn’t like Obama telling the truth

  7. Reid Ewasko says:

    People need to chill. He’s just not standing up, like who gives a shit?
    He’s not breaking the law and even people in the military have come out to
    say it doesn’t offend them because he’s using his rights. He’s not yelling
    on the streets or hurting anyone, he literally just isn’t standing. Chill

  8. Waltham1892 says:

    The essence of being an American is not approving of the way someone
    protests, but fighting with your last breath so they can protest.

    If you can’t see your way to do that, there are other countries you can
    live in.

  9. Sven Henegar says:

    Of course Obama supports Kaepernick. Have we all forgotten that it was
    Obama who wouldn’t salute the flag when he was running for president in
    2008? Ungrateful jerks.

  10. Jarjr222 says:

    Dear everyone that’s hating the protesters. Get a brain and learn your

  11. macho tony says:

    White people = TRIGGERED

  12. Commander Shepard says:

    If you dislike you’re probably the guy who would fail law school too

  13. thekingchrissyg says:

    No shit Obama and we have the right to say he’s an asshole for it. stfu

  14. Hashtag EV says:

    How does this have more dislikes than likes!? Fucking racist crackers

  15. Farmer__Joe says:

    im glad are goofy golfer n chief hates the flag

  16. The Mustache Man says:

    Don’t read these comments, they’re horrifying.

  17. Morgan Freeman says:

    I think its ironic that Kaepernick wants to stand up for what he believes
    in when he is actually just sits down.

  18. Tony tony slaughter says:

    Obama AND Hillary for prison 2016

  19. Tony tony slaughter says:

    death to obama the faggot

  20. Donald Trump 2016 says:

    Fuck this, Keapernick said and I quote almost exactly “how in this country
    can someone who deletes emails run for president, she should be in jail”
    but no one says that part, just the cops part. Fuck Obama ignoring half of
    Keapernicks message