Obama Mocks Trump For Getting His Twitter Confiscated

Obama Mocks Trump For Getting His Twitter Confiscated

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20 Responses

  1. Original Players says:


  2. Ryan Tracy says:

    And if you can’t handle an email server, you can’t handle the nuclear code

  3. Nikki Beacth says:

    I wanna donate to Trump my old LEGO toys

  4. KC Nwaneri says:

    He’s right, you know.

  5. Don whit says:

    if someone can’t handle classified info…

  6. Bob Leung says:

    It would be interesting to see everyone campaigning for Clinton in the next
    48 hours, out to bait Trump into some epic Twitter meltdown.

  7. terry fuckwitt says:

    Trump heard this and threw a tantrum

  8. FinalXChapter says:

    LOL im fucking dead yo

  9. v stella says:

    Well Hillary can’t handle an email account, so why should we give her the

  10. Rhino IV says:

    Obama needs to actually be fucking useful for once, *then* talk.

  11. Jonathan Pabon says:

    why can’t Obama just stay in office for another 4 years until we have
    better candidates

  12. CeCe Kansas says:

    I agree!

  13. Matrix says:

    Trump only got his twitter confiscated because the media is out to get him.

  14. Zach Labbe says:

    God it’s a good thing that Trump only has to ever debate Clinton, he’d get
    absolutely slaughtered by someone like Obama.

  15. Peter Brown says:

    In the final months of his presidency Barack Obama has run out of fucks to

  16. Iscovimi Garga says:

    Baron Von Clownstick will help him get it back. You should see him on his
    cyber keyboard.

  17. Highteckhobbies says:

    Tune in Nov. 8 for the season finale of “America”.

  18. Iron Fist says:

    Incoming Trumptards who are gonna prove Obama Point about Trump!!! lol

  19. I heart Lyoko says:

    Compared to either of our options for President right now, I’m gonna miss
    this guy so much…

  20. Soul Fers says:

    Yes nuclear..fck