Obama Takes To Dance Floor In Kenya

Obama Takes To Dance Floor In Kenya

President Barack Obama took to the dance floor at a State Dinner held in his honour in Nairobi on Saturday. (July 26)

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Peckron says:

    This is bullshit is is not an american or Christian. Hes a Muslim wake up
    america…he should be impeached. !!!!!

    • Patrick Harrison says:

      (Sighs) what does it matter of he’s Muslim? And he is more of an American
      than McCain. Look up where McCain was born.

    • MattyMcCritic says:

      +Tim Peckron He should of never became president to begin with.. the checks
      and balances don’t even exist any more and now we are all just rats dancing
      to the tune of the piper on our way to self destruction.

  2. John Booker says:

    he’s about 50/50 on the danc’in.

  3. translunar says:

    If you turn down the sound and play the Hokey Pokey you will laugh your ass

  4. fun911s says:

    Obama Takes To Dance Floor In Kenya

  5. NimbleBlood says:

    At least he had a nice family reuinion

  6. RemySML says:

    Kenya tell me which one is President Obama

  7. Caleb Howard says:

    The same people saying stupid shit here our the same people that actually
    support Donald trump

  8. m/ AngelofDeath m/ says:

    Some may call it Obama dancing in Kenya, I just call it Black people at
    church on Sunday.

  9. Tighe Philbin says:

    This is NWObama.
    This video has more likes than dislikes .
    Illuminati detected.


  10. Saint Val says:

    If Obama is the Devil, then I dont really need a God.

  11. Cooley Bros says:

    Best president ever!!!!

  12. James Change says:

    Fuck obama, can’t wait for trump to take over the white house. Fuck all
    politicians, they are all dirty fucks who only care about getting richer
    and more powerful. TRUMP is already rich and powerful. 

  13. kurupter458 says:

    A Black President visits Africa, “It’s the end of the world!”.
    When a White President of Jewish descent vists Israel, no one says a damn

    Doesn’t matter what you say on any medium. If you have any hate him for his
    skin color, take your communist goose stomping ass to North Korea scumbags.
    Kim Jung Un would love to probe you for pleasure.

    This message is meant for moronic racist Americans who yell freedom but
    supports slavery.

  14. Sasha32659 says:

    He’s so adorable