Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Congressional Republicans could soon vote to repeal Obamacare.
John Oliver explores why their replacement plans are similar to a thong.

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20 Responses

  1. Somniferous Almond says:

    Wow, it’s like republicans don’t really give a shit about healthcare and just hated the ACA because the black president came up with it. I’m shocked.

  2. Shawn Irish says:

    “Tik Tok Motherfuckers” John Oliver, your fantastic ?

  3. Pistonrager says:

    We don’t need insurance, we need health care. the health of American citizens should not be a for profit business.

  4. Jstank X Plays says:

    Where the fuck were these people during the election?

  5. ajtronic says:

    As an American, I feel that most people vote in assholes into positions of power. This is why we are where we are now.
    Why can’t we vote in academics, scientists, humanists? People that care about people and facts?

  6. PhrygianPhreak says:

    there’s an idea in America that you pick yourself up by your boot straps, which basically means you’re a self made person. it’s a cute idea that makes us seem tough, but in reality it just makes everybody out for themselves. most Americans don’t give two shits about each other. you’ll hear “it’s not my problem. that’s their problem to deal with. everybody has their own problems to deal with.” even in charities you’ll hear that line; it’s frightening, especially when you know you’re facing problems you can’t overcome by yourself.
    I’m very poor because I choose national service and charitable organizations to work at. those jobs tend to pay minimum wage, or about 8$ an hour, so I can’t really pay for a 400 dollar plan with 1000 deductible. I haven’t been this terrified in a long time. I keep having nightmares that I’ll log into the marketplace and my subsidies will be gone. I have a lot of conditions that can’t be treated at home and if I lost medication I’d just want to die with all the pain I’d feel.

  7. ScreenFunFacts says:

    Republicans are the cancer of America. And unfortunatly America doesn’t have Obamacare to afford to cure itself.

  8. Fox Wolf says:

    Religion shouldn’t be apart of politics. Please America, logic.. use it

  9. Killaim says:

    i live in denmark.

    i once had a sharp pain in my stomach that would last very long and keep rising. i decide to goto the hospital.

    i went in. said hello. told my Card number (had forgotten it)
    got shown to a waiting room. sat in agony for 20 mins.
    talked to doctor. who said i should get painkillers and get a examination.

    i was then guided to a hospital wing. got morfine. a bed. (they would not offer food, since it was a gallbladder attack) (otherwise i could have gotten food)

    i finally was painless. they said they diddent have the full scanner personel because it was late in the evening, so it would be in the morning first., Slept fine in a 2 man room (i was the only one there)

    Got up the next day. (they said no food yet. still because of the stomach region issue. (but otherwise i would have had breakfeast)

    they carted me to scanning (though i was fine really at this time since the pain had stopped and the attack was way over)

    got scanned right away. doctor confirmed 2 gallbladder stones. told me all about it, said it was unnessesary to do surgery unless the attacks got frequent, whichj they would remove the bladder.

    got dressed and walked home, and finally ate some food.

    …. Yeah i diddent take out my wallet or my infomation , nothing was charged to me. i walked in. Medicine Slept, Scanned., Home

    oh.. wait
    the doctor said i should perhaps go buy a morphine pill to keep around in case it happened again (and if it kept happening. should make a appointment for surgery)

    FCKING COMMUNISM!!!…wait CAPITALIS…wait… oh yeah diddent pay full price for the medicine… since i was also covered alot on that part…


    *dances off into all this lack of freedom, he keeps being told about not having in denmark*

  10. Mad Mod says:

    why don’t we just do exactly what other countries do instead of just making up our own thing

  11. Zepha21 says:

    What in the hell is America’s problem with universal health care?
    My country has it since 1867 …

  12. Julie Torgerson says:

    When y ou’re cooking a new recipe and it’s not quite right, you don’t throw it all out. You tweak it, add spice, make it better. DO NOT THROW OUT THE ACA. Make it better. Why are we the only industrial nation without UNIVERSAL COVERAGE!!! Let’s catch up with the other countries and TAKE CARE OF OUR PEOPLE!!!!

  13. aldo bonzi says:

    hey, look, john oliver made a joke about obama’s drone strikes. are you alt-right faggots happy now?

  14. Mr. C says:

    Obama cared enough to try to help people get health care…
    Trump and Republicans don’t care about anything other than their own money and access to power it brings…
    Trumps America.. land of the “free” home of the “brave” unless you’re sick, a immigrant, black, Hispanic, or oppose orange twitler in anyway.. then fuck off and die..

  15. Olivia P says:

    Guess who votes Republican in presidential elections. Poor people. Then they complain when the people they voted in screw them. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  16. Apophis says:

    let’s all keep in mind that we spend over 600 billion dollars a year on the military.
    if we just cut our bloated budget by a sixth we would all have healthcare at zero extra cost. plus the rest of the world wouldn’t hate us for bombing innocent civilians.

  17. minski76 says:

    Pro life = Fertilized eggs have a right to live. Poor people – not so much.

  18. brizzy kay says:

    4:34 that lady’s life was saved by obamacare but she still hates it SIMPLY because of the fact that its called OBAMAcare.

    If that’s not blatant racism idk what is.

  19. Doom Blade says:

    We’re all living in America
    Coca-Cola, sometimes war

  20. Emajenus says:

    I just don’t care about this leftist parrot anymore…
    Unsubbed. The left lost. Live with it.

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