Obi-Wan Kenobi – Cosmonaut Quickie

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Cosmonaut Quickie




New intro created by @charliemacsart:
New end card designed by @keychaine:

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  1. weasel batches says:

    If this was like the book of boba fett, a character people like but don’t necessarily care about then I’d brush it off as dumb fun. But when you bring back Hayden and Ewan after nearly 20 years for two very prominent characters that almost every star wars fan enjoys above a superficial level then you need to bring your A game.

    Unfortunately, Kenobi was super mid and that’s terrible for the content that’s revolved around it.

    • Nick the Pick says:

      But Marcus was the kind of fan that this show was meant to cater to with in regards to The Clone Wars. It isn’t as good as people think.
      So it stands to reason that this came out as it did. You reap what you sow.

    • kamui says:

      @Nightmare point being, they spent way too much time on uninteresting stuff. They have talented writers, they could have done better and justified it without having to halt the pace of the show for meh plot

    • nafnist says:

      I hated the characters from the prequels.

    • Zacharias Hamdani says:

      They got the wrong writers, any hardcore star wars fan can come up with a better story.

    • The Electric Cheese Productions says:

      Oh, Weasel.

  2. Adam Davies says:

    You nailed pretty much exactly how I felt after watching this series, and Disney Star Wars as a whole.
    It’s all just far too reliant on fan service and callbacks.
    I’ll admit, there’s some genuinely good moments, but they’re just too far and few between to keep me invested.
    And speaking of which, it’s so hard to be invested in something when you already know the fate of all the major characters.
    Even when they try to present a situation where any of the main characters are in danger, you already know they’ll be perfectly fine.

    • GrifGaming says:

      @vtec and dohc well rebels isn’t the first time vader’s mask has been busted open, just the one people are most familiar with. But for both series it was a moment where they tried reach out to anakin and bring him back. Something vader mentions in Return of the Jedi.

      This show was trying to fit obi wan’s actions to what vader would mention about him in the Og triligy.

    • Dakota W says:

      @vtec and dohc I wish they would have stolen 0.1% of the amazing stuff from the extended universe for the sequel trilogy, rather than shitting all over the franchise lol

    • Joshua Bowens says:

      @vtec and dohc He also does the “I’ll do what I must” and the lightsaber shines on his face before he strikes his pose like he did in rebels. I was kinda thrown out of the moment because it seemed like lines were just tossed together from other media he was in in the battle. I really wanted to enjoy it, but nothing was really new

    • vtec and dohc says:

      What’s funny is that cosmonauts favorite scene of Vader’s mask busted open while fighting obi wan is stolen from starwars rebels. These writers are so bad they have to steal other meaningful sequences from their own IP’s animated series. Not to mention the Fallen Order scene where Vader force pushes water flooding his base.

  3. G Toyadha Tagya B says:

    I think this show should’ve been a movie solely focused on deepening the relationship between Kenobi and Vader.
    They don’t need new character to share the spotlight almost as equally as Kenobi because her role could easily be filled with Vader.
    Besides if Vader wanted to destroy Kenobi so bad, it’s only natural that he constantly and personally hunt him down from the very beginning.

    And besides, Reva’s story is compelling enough to have her own show, I think most people wouldn’t mind having a show about a new character who was a Padawan survivor and she infiltrated the Empire to kill the Sith Lord for killing all her friends.

    • Sir Richard the Easily Startled says:

      @Heather Chansler Seriously? That’s even worse. I can’t believe this, I’m just a carpenter and I can plan this stuff out better ffs.

    • Heather Chansler says:

      @Sir Richard the Easily Startled but they announced a Reva spinoff before the show even ended, so she had plot armor too for the last episodes.

    • Imperator Noinga says:

      Bruh the only thing Reva deserves is a retconn 💀

    • Sir Richard the Easily Startled says:

      It was supposed to be a movie. Remember during the Sequels they announced a whole roster of stand-alone movies? Kenobi was on that, as were Boba Fett and Ashoka. Then the Sequels and Solo tanked and the other movies got cancelled. After The Mandalorian was a break-out succes they dusted off the scripts and well, here we are.
      Take Book of Boba Fett. That’s why the pacing is all over the place and you get throw-away filler scenes/episodes and unimportant side-characters. The whole Tusken Flashback in BoBF is fifteen minutes of movie time at most but they stretched it out over several episodes. And the episodes with Mando should have been in his own series but they needed something to fill out the season.
      With the exception of The Mandalorian each series could be condensed down to two hours just fine. They’re movies stretched thin.

      Kenobi should have been about Obi-Wan, Luke, and Owen. Nothing more. Because before this series it used to be canon that Obi-Wan never met Vader or Leia between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope 19 years later. The Death Star fight was their first fight since Mustafar. So having them meet _and_ fight (twice!) in between creates gigantic canon- and character-breaking problems and you have to be a really good writer to make it work.

      Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t have good writers it seems. I mean, if Vader is so hell-bent on getting revenge on Obi-Wan then why did he let him get away so easily in ep. 3? The writers just demonstrated Vader can extinguish fires with the Force just fifteen seconds before. Sure, dramatic stare and pose and all, great shot, but it makes no sense. This is special fire or something? Why doesn’t he Force-grab the droid, or Obi-Wan again? That’s what he did moments before.
      And it makes even less sense Obi-Wan spares Vader really. But he has to because well, the OT movies.

      And Reva shouldn’t have been in this show, agreed. She would have worked a lot better in her own series right from the start. Now she’s getting trashed on because she takes away from the other character arcs. But she’s in it because all other characters have impenetrable plot armor and the writers needed someone with stakes. She’s a plot device that gets bounced around between a fixed narrative.

      At best they have interesting ideas that are executed poorly, like Reva, and the rest is really just desperate fanservice. They knew the fans would be hyped the moment they brought Hayden into the series, they just didn’t know how to deliver on that hype. On their own the fight scenes between Vader and Obi-Wan are pretty okay, but in the big picture they make no narrative sense and shouldn’t exist.

      It’s all show and no substance in the end.

  4. ReapyWeepie says:

    I absolutely cried whenever palpatine told Vader “Somehow palpatine returned” I clapped and cried so much. Such an amazing series

  5. Cody Lakin says:

    Disney’s starting to have this infuriating knack for mixing in some of the absolute best and absolute worst of Star Wars within the same works. Like, The Last Jedi has that breathtaking confrontation between Kyle and force-projected Luke, but it also has the casino planet b.s. Now Kenobi has the perfect reunion of Obi-Wan and Anakin, with their awesome battle and the poetic words they exchange, but it also has the Leia chase, or that dumb fight in the tunnels…

    • Ijiikieruさん says:

      The prequels were the same way. This isn’t new to Star Wars.

    • Mosorire Ayewale says:

      That’s always how star wars has been though? There’s a lot of dumb/terrible shit in ALL of these movies lmao. Even KOTOR has some really low points (Taris is very boring on replays imo).

  6. Michael Angelo says:

    It was great seeing Ewan and Hayden again, they carried this show. In all honesty though they deserved better.

    • rmmj7 James says:


    • The Humanity says:

      Yeah Ewan and Hayden brought their A game for an unfortunately terribly written series. I knew this would happen as soon as I saw the novices Disney put in charge of the script. I hope we get a 2nd season just so the studio has a chance to replace all the writers and maybe even the director.

    • The TyRant says:

      @George Baxter You’re right Obi-Wan letting Vader live was a mistake. If there is only one thing I would change about the show among other things(Other than don’t make it a show, but make it a movie). It would that when Obi-Wan finally faces Vader again, he is not set on killing him. Instead, he wants to redeem him. To try to turn him back to the light side. So when he finally does defeat Vader in the end, it’s his own love for his former padawan and friend that’s stopping him from doing the job.

      This would make Vader’s line to Luke in RoJ make so much more sense. Obi-Wan had the same hope Luke had to turn Anakin back, but he failed where Luke had succeeded. It would be perfect for even Obi-Wan the stern Jedi who is the epitome of the Jedi code, to have a flaw, a moment of weakness that prevents him from doing his duty.

    • Michael Angelo says:

      @Jalen Madison half of it felt like it was about Reva too however. I feel like her story could’ve served better as a separate spin off series or something

    • Jalen Madison says:

      Wdym they carried? ITS ABOUT THEM??

  7. It's Just Aaron says:

    My thoughts exactly. I didn’t really see a need for yet another show set between episodes 3 and 4, but Kenobi was my exception. I was fine with going back and having these actors that desperately want to reprise their roles back in the character’s shoes. But the thing is, is that it’s like they knew they didn’t really have to try because everyone was going to watch it anyway. What should have been the best and final spinoff property involving a main character ended up being an okay, meh, stretched out story that didn’t really need to be told.

  8. P P says:

    My favorite part was when Obi-Wan looked into the camera and said “It’s Kenobin’ time!”

  9. Shadbraw says:

    My favorite part was when Jared Leto came out with a lightsaber and “May the Morb be with you” and shot a blast of bats at Darth Vader. 11/10 one of the series of all time.

  10. XABBITZ says:

    To me the weirdest part of this show was that the adults put so much faith in a 10 year old Leia

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