Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 BREAKDOWN

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 BREAKDOWN

The beginning of the episode started with a recap of the prequels, ending with yoda’s line to him at the end of revenge of the sith where he tells Obi-Wan he has training for him, to teach him to commune with his old master qui-gon. So I think for sure we’ll see or hear Qui-Gon Jinn’s force ghost once again.

We start on coruscant, at the jedi temple where the younglings are being trained by a jedi master, as two 501st clones rush in to execute order 66. As she does her best to protect the younglings, she gets defeated and we see one of the younglings centred. I believe this could be a young Reva. She was a Jedi as the grand inquisitor states. We hear palpatine continuously say execute order 66 as see them running away while the temple is under attack as we saw in revenge of the sith.

Transitioning to Tatooine, we see the Inquisitors land down and interrogate a cantina for the location of a Jedi hiding there. Reva uses tactics to snuff him out
that are very heaty in the eyes of the Grand Inquisitor, we have to remember that the senate is still a thing at this time, and isn’t disbanded quite yet. So Palpatine still doesn’t has as much free reign as he does in the original trilogy with blowing up alderaan and doing whatever he pleases whenever. The Jedi gets away and the Grand Inquisitor tells Reva he’s had enough of her wreckless behaviour and her fixation on Kenobi, that he’s not hers to find. He’s Vader’s, are my thoughts. I think she hates Kenobi so much for failing Anakin, but I could be wrong.
We finally meet up with Kenobi cutting sushi in the middle of the desert, making a living for himself as a regular man. Getting back to his Eopie, which could be the same one from revenge of the sith, he feeds it and heads back home. Heading to his cave, makes himself at home when he’s visited by a Jawa named TEEKA who hands Kenobi a toy ship, a lambda t4a imperial shuttle for Luke.
When Teeka shows him a belt of the Jedi we just saw, telling Obi-Wan that a Jedi ran through the dune sea inquisitors after him and all and Obi-Wan says the Jedi are all extinct, now he knows that a jedi is here and the inquisitors are aware. This makes his job more difficult to protect Luke. He has to be on a higher alert now and keep watch of the boy more than usual.

As he goes to sleep, he has ptsd of Anakin and what happened to him. This is 10 years after the events of revenge of the sith, which means his ptsd was probably even worse in the years prior. He tries to reach out to qui-gon, and this isn’t the first time. The beginning of the episode started with a recap of the prequels, ending with yoda’s line to him at the end of revenge of the sith where he tells Obi-Wan he has training for him, to teach him to commune with his old master qui-gon. So to me, I think obi-wan hasn’t spoken to qui-gon yet. He;s trying, but he isn’t connecting himself to the force, he can’t. If he does, the empire will detect him. and Sniff him out like a dog to food.

Obi-Wan watches over Luke as he runs from Owen, much like Anakin, playful and rebellious.

Through the desert, Obi-Wan is found by Navi, the Jedi the inquisitors were after. He has a short interaction with Obi-Wan who pretends he’s not the famous Jedi Master. He finally breaks and tells the boy to forget the Jedi and let it go. To bury his lightsaber in the sand. Kenobi is a broken man. He’s hurting and he’s no longer the same hopeful man he used to be. I believe the point is to show a broken obi-wan turning into the hopeful alec guiness obi-wan we see later.

On Alderaan we meet with Leia. This is the best casting of a young Leia I’ve ever seen. I think she played the role so well. She portrays Leia’s rebellious, know it all personality while being adorable at the same time. Playing tricks on her mother and running off into the forest to explore.

Obi-Wan’s mundane life repeats itself and it seems like it’s really taken the wind from his sails. Heading back to his Eopie, Uncle Owen throws the toy he left for Luke onto the ground and tells Kenobi to leave them alone. Owen doesn’t like Obi-Wan for many reasons. One being that he blames Kenobi for the fall of Anakin and turn into Darth Vader, and the overall state of the galaxy. He also doesn’t like how Obi-Wan is always watching over Luke, he thinks it’ll eventually tip someone off and it’ll get them hurt all because of obi-wan snooping around and keeping watch.

Obi-Wan asks if Luke is ok, and owen says you don’t care if he’s ok you care if he’s showing. He means showing signs of the force. Meaning Owen thinks Kenobi only uses Luke to push him to be a Jedi like Anakin, and that didn’t turn out well.

Continued in video…

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44 Responses

  1. Star Wars Theory says:

    What would you rate this first episode /10?
    Episode 2 breakdown coming up!

    • Angel Rios says:

      9/10 Yes it was good.. 9/10 because Pablo gets top billing over Feloni.. No joke apart it was very close to classical Star Wars

    • will says:

      5/10 for me. Ewan was awesome! It was great seeing him play the role again, but some of the sets, costume design, and writing were rough. Also really rough acting from some of the bigger characters in this episode. Leia… this kid is tiny and out running adults, it was really silly. I hope the acting gets better…

    • rifyrafi says:

      Big fan, I saw StarWars in theaters in 1977. I was looking forward to Obi-Wan Kenobi. I give it a 3/10 . Except for Ewan, just terrible acting. Cringe.

    • Richie Bee says:

      This episode was hot garbage. And the acting across the board is high school theater, not Disney level.
      Whole thing is shyte. Owen and Obi wan only two decent actors… everyone else is sub par and plot progression is already terrible. The screenwriters need to take a look within and ask if this is really what they want to do in life…

    • william flowers says:

      Some people are trying really hard not to like this series. The convoluted criticisms are uncalled for after one episode

  2. MrColinwith1L says:

    it makes sense that he would leave though. Bail Organa clearly cannot help. No one else knows who she is. As for Yoda’s command, the moment in which that occurred was a joint decision to protect the children of Anakin, and not simply Luke, so it is not outside of the main mission. And we see ObiWan reaching out to Qui Gon after a dream about Vader, followed by very significant events that are happening after years of silence in the desert … the Force is the one driving this plotline, and it is not like Obi Wan is a stranger to following the Force down a rabbit hole when it calls.

    • Rainn dropss says:

      @Bryan Riek you couldn’t have said it better. The chase was so bad I thought it was just a test for Leia but ended up being real kidnapping. After that I was into it again

    • Mely Castañeda E says:

      @Tabe actually that’s my big question here… how she knows about the twins.?

    • MrColinwith1L says:

      @scoot interesting theory, but I think the comics already got into what happened to the Temple, namely the next few days after ROTS when Vader found the Grand Inquisitor there digging through the archives and they fought against the old librarian there. So she probably was not hiding out there that long.

      It also seemed like her group was getting out of the building in this episode, and by this point Vader was already deep into the facility killing other younglings and some other key battles. So I dont think thats quite what happened, but it does seem like finding ObiWan is something personal for her, so who knows.

    • Roger says:

      But what about Ahsoka? She’s been recruited by Bail for a few years now, she leads the Rebel Fulcrum spy program. So why didn’t Bail just ask her to go after Leia?

    • Mathis Salicath says:

      @Phil Chen there isn’t a rebel alliance yet. There are only a few senators conspiring against the empire in secrecy at this point

  3. hunterkiller1440 says:

    The first episode felt like 5 minutes. I didn’t know it was 50 minutes long. I’m enjoying it way too much, it’s very addicting. I can’t wait to see more of Order 66.

    • A. says:

      @Yeet Boi would my opinion of nuclear physics be as informed as someone who designed and built nuclear power plants if I emptied bins for a living?

    • Yeet Boi says:

      @A. you know people can have opinions right

    • A. says:

      @geoff o and yet Yoda, another Jedi master who was all alone on Dagobar for many, many years was still as strong in the force as he always was when he trained Luke.

      Isolation is nothing to a Jedi master and the idea that you can cut yourself off from the force when the force is generated by EVERYTHING all around you is laughable.

      Of course I’m gonna watch it, any Star Wars fan would, even if it’s just to see how it is destroyed. That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it and it certainly doesn’t stop me giving my opinion when it goes against everything that came before it in order to push a very thinly veiled attempt to push a social agenda that has no place in the Star Wars universe.

      A General always thinks like a general whether or not they have troops to command.

      The smartest play would have been to remove the threat to both Leia and Luke by killing the Inquisitors and Obi Wan didn’t need any troops by his side in order to do that, did he?

    • Greedo Kenobi says:

      @geoff o I concur, well said indeed!

    • Brandon Foley says:

      @geoff o Now this is someone with a sense of respect and understanding well said.

  4. chetan rakieten says:

    I had a feeling that the first episode would be a slow reveal considering how much of a hermit he was. Seeing a young Leia was a nice surprise! Really enjoyed the first episode!

    • chetan rakieten says:

      @Padmé Amidala I just don’t understand why the concept has to be annoying. She’s a child who’s trying to find herself and was being used as bait. It shouldn’t have to be portrayed as annoying

    • Padmé Amidala says:

      @chetan rakieten No, as I said, I found it annoying as a viewer, because obviously as a viewer, I know that Obi-Wan was sent by Bail to rescue her. Leia as a character does not know that, hence why I said it is understandable from the story POV, because she clearly does not know him. But as a viewer, I do know why Obi-Wan was there, and hence found it annoying.

    • chetan rakieten says:

      @Padmé Amidala why would it be annoying for a child to run away from a person she doesn’t know. Leia was extremely scared after being kidnapped. Even though “Ben” said to her he was sent by her father. She didn’t know who to trust until he used the force to save her life. She doesn’t know who to trust. And she finally was able to trust Obi-Wan.

    • Padmé Amidala says:

      @chetan rakieten I agree, I did find it annoying, and it IS very annoying. (especially the way she just kept running from Obi-Wan, without listening to him.) Throughout that entire Leia running from Obi-Wan sequence, I was practically yelling at my screen: “JUST STOP RUNNING AND LISTEN TO HIM, HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING FFS”.But it’s understandable from the story POV. The acting on the other hand was whiny, if the story is not taken into context.

    • chetan rakieten says:

      @BurritoBird maybe that’s the point of her character.

  5. HAL_9000 says:

    What it’s seem so sad is he has severed his connection with the force and had a hard time using it, I assume this was because he was scared of showing that power again. But now Obi is just a shell of his former self, pretty sad seeing him like that.

    • Flagon Dragon says:

      Not just that he could be tracked by the force if he uses. It’s a thing that other force users can detect each other. So he himself off so they couldn’t find him

  6. Connor Golden says:

    I honestly never suspected that we’d see leia, the organas, and Alderaan. Was not expecting that at all and I’m very much surprised! So far it’s a strong start to the series!

  7. Xylonus says:

    Even after 10 years, he still in immense guilt and sadness of what happened. Imagine what he felt after hes revealed Vader’s alive

    • FreedGaming says:

      @Daniel Vader was a mystery at this point and probably a myth. It makes sense since Obi wan was completely exiled in Tatooine in the more desolate areas.

    • Apple Juice Over Orange Juice says:

      Order 66 rich piana

    • Matt Costello says:

      @Mech1164 yeah… Obi-Wan saw the security record of Palpatine calling him Lord Vader

    • Sentient Mustache says:

      “Anakin Skywalker is alive”
      “Shit, i knew i should’ve used higher ground”

    • geoff o says:

      @Daniel very few knew Vader was Anakin. Those who found out were killed, or they were authorized to have that information

  8. nihilSnake says:

    I love how the second episode of Kenobi hint at Darth Vader, it really makes a lot scarier almost as if he’s a monster from a horror movie, which goes well with how depressed Kenobi is. Love it

    • Josh B says:

      no one is giving away a free ps5 that dude is a scamer

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  9. It's Siyric says:

    I’ve always liked the idea that Leia has always been just as strong with the force as Luke; however, whereas Luke’s connection with the force allowed him to become physically strong, Leia’s connection with the force helped sharpen her mind to help her become a wise and strong leader. This show really does a fantastic job at showing that I think.

    • BrainLeSS says:

      @Nick F. Guys, she is just smart and mature for her age. Its literally not that deep and has nothing to do with the force. Star wars fans are so delusional and really think Disneys story writing has deeper meanings XDD

    • Nick F. says:

      It’s not an idea I’m pretty sure it’s actual fact in fact I’m pretty sure Lucas said that Leia actually was slightly stronger than Luke but we never saw because she decided to take a different path

    • william flowers says:

      Agreed. Such a shame the Sequel Tragedy completely missed the opportunity to further Leia’s character. Even if Carrie Fisher hadn’t died, it’s obvious they didn’t have any direction and certainly didn’t do her character justice in 7 & 8.

  10. oolong2 says:

    12:43 It actually makes sense that Leia would mention the “Clone Wars” when asking for Obi-Wan’s help in a New Hope rather than “the time you helped me out as a kid”, because she’s trying to evoke his duty to the galaxy not a personal favor. Keep in mind she was a senator talking to a former general. Also, she thought at the time that Obi-Wan was helping her as a favor to her father, so it makes sense that she would bring up her father again when asking for his help later.

    • 5xmasterx5 says:

      And who knows, she probably forgot about that one time some random guy saved her, she barely knew him for an hour so it makes sense

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