Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi (Star Wars VS Naruto) | DEATH BATTLE!

Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Kakashi (Star Wars VS Naruto) | DEATH BATTLE!

Two heroic mentors duke it out!
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88 Responses

  1. Vorn's Game says:

    Obi Wan: It’s over Kakashi! I have the high ground!
    Kakashi: *Uses Earthstyle to raise himself to higher ground*
    Obi Wan: You dare use my own spells against me

    • David Herrera says:

      @Golden Cobra I would suggest Mandy from Billy and Mandy since like Stewie she’s intelligent for her age and has ambitions for world domination she’s basically like Penelope but worse even Anais from Gumball could be considered a proper opponent for Stewie.

    • Chomsky John says:

      Kakashi could just use his perfect sussano and boom game over

    • Star child Luke says:

      Whenever the guys talking come on screen I just look away cause they look so ugly.d

    • ꧁༺ѕυиѕнιиє༻꧂ says:

      A genius

    • Landria Voisine says:

      ❤️ ❤️

  2. Jamie Fenicle says:

    I don’t like premieres it’s coarse rough irritating and it gets everywhere

  3. TotalJophes says:

    They should call this Star Wars: Attack of the Shadow Clones

  4. Jacob Underwood says:

    Kakashi: *Uses Shadow Clone Jutsu*

    Obi-Wan: “Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud”

  5. Reaper of Things says:

    Obi Wan: I have the high ground, don’t try it
    Kakashi: I suppose I have the high ground now
    Obi Wan: And who decided that?

  6. Isaiah Deleon says:

    Kakashi is one centimeter taller than Obi-wan, so technically Kakashi did have the high ground.

  7. Ricky Bobby says:

    Litteraly shows his “old friend” rinnegan obito then uses pain arc jiraiya to scale him I’m dead.

    • Red Aaron says:

      @Willie Green  If I’m remembering right, the Goku vs Superman used super Saiyan God. Power is just as short as Kakashi’s Susanoo, which I would argue that he shouldn’t even be capable of since both Kakashi and Obito didn’t train the Susanoo even though that was a “necessity” to unlock its many forms but whatever. Unless I’m wrong, and that video came out after DBS tournament of power arc which Goku showed he still had access to the power-up.

      My point is, they should either make it an absolute rule or include all the powers they have. To pick which one gets to keep their 10 min. power up and who doesn’t almost makes them look more like fanboys hyping up their favorite characters than people finding out who would win.

    • NP says:

      @Evravon Might Guy’s temporary power boost is completely different than Kakashi’s. Might Guy can control when he uses his Eight Gates. It’s up to Obito whether or not Kakashi has the double mangekyo. Kakashi can use the one he has whenever he wants, that’s the difference

    • Willie Green says:

      @Red Aaron I wish they could pick a set of rules and stick with it too but it is impossible to apply the rules to every situation. For example, the ninja turtles turned into dragons 1 time. What if they used that in the deathbattle with the red ranger. Wouldnt you be mad if they counted all of the wierd one out power ups they the characters may have gotten.

    • Red Aaron says:

      @Willie Green That’s a good point, Ichigo has both his hollow mask and Hell…scull suit thing. If the powers don’t stack up like how super Saiyan God stacks above Super Saiyan 3, then you can’t add the power into the fight while keeping constancy. If you can convince me that this argument applies to kakashi, I will agree with you. But right now I just don’t see it how it adds to the conversation.

    • Red Aaron says:

      @Senpai They showed that Obi-wan’s reflexes are faster than light. As far as I know, Kakashi is only been known for lightning speed feats.

  8. Akash Verma says:

    Kakashi’s Genjutsu causing Obi-wan to see darthvader was so cool omg

  9. Crimson Blue says:

    Every OP characters’ OP move:
    -Thanos: Snap
    -Shaggy: Ultra Instinct
    -Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch
    -Jonny Cage: Nut Punch
    -Matt: Literally any move
    -One Punch Man: One Punch

    and Obi-wan: The High Ground

  10. BJM Graphics says:

    All Star Wars nerds are feeling proud after watching this video.

    • Ultra234 says:

      Not actually they made Kenobi so sttange he was attacking when thats no how he likes to fight, he uses force push and thats not the jedi way.

    • Noah Shimabukuro says:

      S N Thank you. I get it’s hard having to watch your favorite character lose but it’s just a video on the internet. You shouldn’t be getting this upset over a character losing with reasoning that makes sense.

    • Captain Rex says:

      All the weeboos are crying.

    • S N says:

      Noah Shimabukuro exactly

    • S N says:

      Darkone91 also sure that’s true but if they have shown to have similar capabilities in battle and have been compared to other users of similar abilities that have high attack potency, by many sources, it’s probably logical to scale. In the end it comes down to raw power, which Kenobi scales to and frankly, Kakashi can’t match.

  11. The Rookie cop says:

    Death battle idea: Kim Possible vs Sam from Totally spies.

    • Da Demon Monkey says:

      Only bad part is only one of them have a standard set of gear. Sam has way too many possibilities. But to see those crazy redhead go up against each other would be cool

    • Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen says:

      Or Super Shredder vs (2004-ish juiced up) Bane

  12. Limbo Slam says:

    Fans, when an anime character loses to an anime character: “a fair point right there”

    Fans, when an anime character loses to a non anime character: “wait, that’s illegal”

    Also fans: “Continue to argue about kakashi’s loss in the reply section of some guys comment”

    • Adam Donovan says:

      @Matt From Wii Sports He’s only compared to someone who can do that, he’s not shown to do it himself also the video uses legends feats for Kenobi and the video doesn’t take into consideration just how powerful war arc Kakashi is, and at the end of the video he uses his purple lightning technique which he doesn’t develop until after the war. That version of Kakashi is numerous times stronger than war arc Kakashi. Kakashi isn’t even an aggressive fighter like this video shows, in character he’d actually likely use his wide arsenal of jutsu to keep Obi-wan from getting close enough until he either figures a way to beat him or just simply outlasts him

    • EagleEyes500 says:

      @Renato Ramos Even with Susanoo he still loses to Obi Wan

    • Adam Donovan says:

      @EagleEyes500 Yes even when he literally cannot be touched he still loses

    • Gabriel Paradis says:

      @Desso The dude has a light saber, the only thing he does with his attack is hit or kill his opponents, kakashi could litteraly blow the dude to pieces.

    • David Gallo says:

      Kakashi could had just ripped off parts of obi wans body with his mangeko sharigan. Even without it he has a ton of justu like his chidori, earth style, and his summoning jutsu

  13. kenny wells says:

    I knew my guy Kakashi was finished when they nerfed him to mountain level

    • Future Trunks says:

      Michael he doesn’t have that anymore fam

    • Mr Dolphin says:

      @Future Trunks Yeah but Obi-Wan doesn’t have a life anymore so…..

    • Noah Shimabukuro says:

      Michael yeah that’s why Star Wars only has two wins. It makes soooo much sense

    • Esteban Maysonet says:

      While I personally believe that Obi Wan would win either way, I do agree that they nerfed Kakashi hella hard.

    • Noah Shimabukuro says:

      Senpai wow, it’s almost like the fight section is just done to be entertaining. Don’t take everything that happens in it too literally.

  14. Anjay sia says:

    Can you do itachi vs mysterio? Both have a great “genjutsu” techniques

  15. Long Nguyen says:

    Did Obi-wan crush kakashi’s eye when he came charging and that’s why he switched to purple lightning? That’s pretty epic!

  16. FINE says:

    Kakashi: I have the power of God and Anime on my side

    Kenobi: hello there

  17. Lord Zeref says:

    The real problem in this deathbattle is that they make Kakashi so much evil xD

    • Melvin Garcia says:

      Eli Will they made them mad aggressive like kakashi didn’t even make a plan he just attack him

    • Eli Will says:

      Melvin Garcia I mean obi-wan did try to mind trick a ninja who was just gonna question him to make sure he didn’t harm his village. So tbh obi-wan was more of the villain

    • monster x haze says:

      @Achraf Rebibane not really

    • Achraf Rebibane says:

      @monster x haze why is it a problem ?

    • Melvin Garcia says:

      Eli Will yea but like he didn’t because he did want to be bothered with it and kakashi just came with intent to kill him

  18. Silver, Guardian of Aura says:

    “And then, bruised and bloody, Naruto jumps back up and shouts “Believe it!!” For the tenth time that day.” Kakashi exclaimed, he and Obi-wan sharing a laugh.

    “Seems you’re not the only one with problematic disciples.” Obi-wan observed.

    Kakashi scoffed with amusement. “You can say that again.” Taking to absentmindedly stirring his nearly empty ramen bowl.

    “At least yours turned out well.” The Jedi continued. “If you don’t mind my asking, how did you keep your students from…hmm…how do I put this?” Doing his classic thinking pose; arms crossed, one hand to his chin, and eyes closed.

    “Keep them from going down the wrong path?”

    “I suppose, yes.”

    The shinobi didn’t answer immediately, rather he ceased his stirring and stared at the ramen stand’s back wall. Obi-wan was patient until Kakashi’s head fell back to his bowl.

    “Who says mine didn’t? At least, not all of them. Not forever. That’s the big question isn’t it? One of life’s greatest mysteries.” He sighed. “I won’t pretend to be a perfect teacher. All you can really do is teach them the best you can and…hope they turn out ok.”

    Obi-wan considered his words and turned back to his own bowl. “Indeed.”

  19. Jacob Montgomery says:

    On the next episode can we see Jenny from “My life as a teenage robot” vs Rex from “Generator Rex”!!!!!!

    • Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen says:

      Good call, I feel like Rex would win. Since he can be in the rain with out rusting(that was purely a joke, but that could honestly be in the episode)

    • Patrick Adetola says:

      Rex should fight either Max steel or Alex Mercer and Jenny should fight Robotboy

  20. Ian Alvord says:

    Boomstick: “Throw those morals out the window!”
    Goku: “But I want to fight you at your best!”

    • dagroth123 says:

      morals are out the window, but that doesn’t make goku not an idiot. it is, very much in goku’s character to fight people at there best.

    • Esteban Maysonet says:

      That doesn’t prevent Goku from killing, it just prevents him from ending the fight sooner.

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