OCEAN’S 8 – Trailer Teaser

OCEAN’S 8 – Trailer Teaser

#Oceans8 trailer drops tomorrow.

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82 Responses

  1. Critikal says:

    Love the Ocean’s movies, and heist movies in general. Excited for this.

  2. Tyrion Lannister says:

    But whyyyyyyyyy?

  3. Thot Quin says:

    This looks promising

  4. harsh sharma says:

    When feminism ruins another movie series

  5. AaronCF says:

    Where is George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon?

  6. Brion says:

    Can people just STOP giving Rhianna acting gigs. A plank of wood could do better

  7. FML Please says:

    Something tells me this movies gonna be a huge failure

  8. Mr. H says:

    Seriously , Why the fuck is this a Ocean series movie ? They could have made an original heist movie and would have worked with a cast like that , I guess Hollywood hasn’t learned since Ghostbusters.

    • Mr. H says:

      imagination astronaut This Political Correctness has ruined the new generation , which is why many prefer the 90s , because it had the best times when it came to entertainment in various fields , now Everyone is trying to be Politcians , even Comicbook Movies have ended up being this way , its sad the last film I really enjoyed without any Political Correctness was John Wick.

    • Kwun Wang Wong says:

      what did they need to learn? the ghostbusters remake grossed 230 million

    • Katka Tran says:

      Hollywood loves their sequels

    • ISeeBothSidesLikeChanel says:

      If that were the case you would’ve said “this is a carbon copy of the ocean movies but with females aghhhh why do females ruin everything aghhhh” . Just stop being a fucking coward a be straight up and say you hate seeing women succeed!! lol ??‍♀️

    • MK.PRODUCTIONS says:

      you are stupid because this movie looks great and its a fresh start with a new cast a new take on a group of women and what a great cast !! Ghostbusters sucked because fans of the original are nerds and its a bad movie with a bad cast + bad story + its a remake .
      oceans 8 is not a remake. it is a spin off and a sequel !! so stop bitching about it

  9. Official Trailers Clips says:

    This moviegonna be a huge success.
    The trailer teaser doesn’t reveal much, but we do get the gist that the selling point of this film will be similar to the selling point of Soderbergh’s Ocean’s 11: Watch all these great performers together in one movie, having fun. If Ross can pull off a compelling, exciting story at the same time, then one imagines this thing will be quite a success. will break previous records.
    Eagerly waiting for the trailer tomorrow. ca’t help waiting for the trailer.

  10. Raghav Barot says:

    Another good movie series ruined in the name of feminism. Just like ghost busters.

    • CianKiejun says:

      Evan Maggs LMAO. Speaking of arguments, look up its definition. Stating an opinion, of ‘ruining a franchise’ is not an argument either. Dipshit.

    • KoalKid564 says:

      Evan Maggs boi im not triggered, its stupid on how people think that if the main characters are women then they would think the reboot would suck. I saw Ghostbusters last year, i thought that it was legit

    • Ryan Brooks says:

      KoalKid564 thats the biggest load of dog shit I have heard in a while no one “liked” Ghostbusters except for Feminazis and the beta male cucks who agree with them to try to get laid

    • Aniv Khawaunju says:

      Raghav Barot oh please, the trilogy was mediocre at best. The original was way better. If anything, this is probably gonna be better than all 3 of those movies. Given that this guy wrote Big and Seabiscuit, he’s capable

    • ISeeBothSidesLikeChanel says:

      Still made a lot of paper and the actors still rich af, cry more fattie ?

  11. Pandy Payne says:

    So they released a trailer for the trailer that drops tomorrow…

  12. MrUtuber2012 says:

    Because ghostbusters (2016) was a huge success

  13. udit pathariya says:

    Soon there will be Godmother, Godmother 2, Godmother 3. I am not against the casting of women just don’t ruin the Awesome franchise. Come u with new storyline..!!

  14. RexLex says:


  15. The Dark Knight says:

    So it’s oceans 11 but all chicks?

  16. Vaidant Kabra says:

    Not a sexist but totally stand against this

    • ac sb says:

      against what? a movie you haven’t seen yet or the fact that it’s a female team?
      unless you’ve seen the movie, you, Vaidant Kabra, are a sexist ??‍♂️

    • HWCentral says:

      CianKiejun cry me a river, you didn’t have to reply if you didn’t like the comment.

    • Joni Valles says:

      i mean if you have to start your sentence with a “not a sexist” you’re probably one

    • HWCentral says:

      Joni Valles Actually, he just doesn’t want to be labled as something he isn’t. All he said was he doesn’t stand by the film, not that he doesn’t support gender equality. Sometimes you have to say these things to prevent people from instantly judging you and giving you false titles.

    • ISeeBothSidesLikeChanel says:

      You’re sexist and ugly, damn son…

  17. sunmimi says:

    Now we get a trailer of the trailer? What the fuck

  18. SquirrelKnight says:

    oh man, can’t wait to see that thing burn and crash like the hindenburg

    • SquirrelKnight says:

      ? and just btw.. they spoiled the shit out of the movie in the first fucking teaser for the trailer of the movie at 00:10 ?

  19. Kaitlyn Foster says:

    For everyone calling it a remake, it’s not. It’s a sequel, it’s an addition in the same universe and franchise. Bullock’s character ‘Debbie Ocean’ is the sister of Clooney’s ‘Danny Ocean’. The 2001 Ocean’s Eleven was itself actually a remake (of the 1960 original). I don’t understand the comparisons people are so hastily making to the Ghostbusters remake after seeing a 15 second clip including only 2 lines of dialogue. The only thing in common is that the top billed actors/main cast are female. I don’t see people comparing films that are all male cast purely for that reason alone. I remember even reading in 2007 when Ocean’s Thirteen was released that Soderbergh was happy for the series to continue but that he himself was not interested in directing again and most of the main cast also weren’t interested in playing the leads in the series a fourth time. It was expected and pretty much inevitable this series would gain a third sequel at some point. I don’t understand why people are so irked the cast of this installment are all female, it seems about right to me the first 3 were all male and if you’re not interested in this one, you’ve still got over 6 hours of all male screen time that won’t be negated by the release of this film.

    • Texaslife43 says:

      time wise it’s a sequel? cus numerically it’s a prequel. what year did this movie (and the other 3) supposedly happen?

    • Kaitlyn Foster says:

      Texaslife43 The numerical value of the heist team is in no relation to the chronology. In the case of this film, it just happens to be 8. It’s set in present day, as were the three previous films when they were released 2001, 2004, 2007 and this will be released Summer 2018.

    • Babbot Finklestein says:

      Still gonna flop, did they learn nothing from Ghostbusters….

    • Aniv Khawaunju says:

      Rahul Chaudhary did you not read the comment dumb ass? Its not replacing, it’s in the same universe. If there can be an all male team, why can’t there be an all female team?

    • ISeeBothSidesLikeChanel says:

      There’s a bunch of ugly straight males foaming at the mouth, typing angrily with their fat sausage fingers and I am living hunny ??

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