Oddly Satisfying Video #Shorts

Oddly Satisfying Video #Shorts

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46 Responses

  1. SnxgzYT says:

    This video is everything but “oddly satisfying“

  2. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Normal people: omg its gonna tip

    Me: this is the we need to build a wall paradoy soundtrack

  3. Insert Name Here says:

    Please tell me I’m dreaming, there’s no way this is the top trending.

  4. Some guy that’s here says:

    Youtube in 2014: “the number 1 trending is something that took years of effort and was made with love and care”
    Youtube in 2021: “he he hoo hoo can stack go brrrrrr”

  5. KrispyKrab714 says:

    The YouTube algorithm is cracked out at the moment

  6. Softieal-Roblox says:

    Others: foucuses on the cans.

    Me: Wondering how they balanced the food on their heads and realizes its a head band

  7. Gilly FX says:

    if my family was this cringe, i would have go buy a milk and never get back

  8. DasMxD says:

    Oh my god. Look at this channel’s videos. What has Youtube become… Help.

  9. void says:

    this is what YouTube has become…

  10. Chill Squad says:

    Ok so is everyone going to ignore the fact that they have freaking vegetables strapped to their heads?!?!?

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