NFL Network reacts to the trade between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns for Odell Beckham Jr.

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87 Responses

  1. Donna Khamphouy says:

    Their ticket sales are gonna go from $8 to $9 now

  2. Christopher Hernandez says:

    Now I get to see Odell Beckham crying another uniform

    • TKL Madden says:

      sailsail sailsail your stupid Brady have how many rings oh wait he has more rings then him even if he minuses 3 of em and he still has more Eli is straight garbage doesent matter offense line or not Brady gets it away fast no matter what Eli can’t

    • Scarletbull says:

      Mike Jones Tou have no money that’s why you’re going on a limb with your ridiculous rant. STFU you halfwit. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Mayfield is good but he’s not what the delusional fans may him out to be.

    • Jon Snow says:

      Exactly – that’s all this is. Glad to be rid of him. All the Browns will be now is 1-15 but with more drama.

  3. Timmy Agnew says:

    All I have to say is Thank You to the creaator!!!!! We need OBJ. Here in Ohio its Xmas in March!

  4. TonzGMaster says:

    Damn you Browns OBJ ?I will miss you ?

  5. MaxPro says:

    Giants are going to switch to a run-first offense.

    Book it.

  6. storm Zilla says:

    Two of the best wide receivers on the same team.

  7. NIG VIC production says:

    Browns might be able to the first team to repeat on
    Hard Knocks HBO

    • Nxriega says:

      Wouldn’t doubt it

    • Glow 44 says:

      Drama = Cleveland

      This was a bad move for Cleveland. Everything recently for awhile now has been good, until this move. OBJ will not be good for the Browns long term. 2 years max and they will want to unload him.

    • avonbarksdale91 says:

      Glow 44 lol he’s with the best QB he’s played with in college or the pros.

    • TexHunna says:

      +Glow 44 what? you sound crazy. This move makes them a better football team and if you think otherwise you’re delusional.

  8. I will eat your shmock says:

    Here comes the Browns bandwagon fans. Like this comment if you’re an OG.

  9. Debaser Deducer says:

    As a Steelers fan I would like to take a brief moment just to say:


    • XX GamerXX says:

      Hey man I’m a Steelers fan too but we still have juju James and Vance

    • Melo NumbaLeven says:

      I’m loving these trades! Makes the league very interesting.. the league is trying to get every team to be a threat

    • George Stanko says:

      as a long suffering Browns fan…i cant believe this. First Kareem Hunt, now this. We’re finally going to play some respectable ball against the Steelers…we will have a legitimate rivalry again! Just like the old days…

    • Jafet Heredia says:

      Same but as the ravens….

  10. bass professional says:

    The Cleveland Browns now got, Baker, Kareem Hunt, and now Odell Beckham??, I SMELL A PLAYOFF RUN!?

    • Mak Clan 820 says:

      Could go deeper than the playoffs after all u guys hate the great patriots and are hoping that a team in the AFC beat us

    • Buddy Scarver says:

      +TheRandomGamer hi could be but if we speaking now kareem that dude??

    • Jenet J. says:

      They are pretty much unbeatable unless the defense is strong or they get hurt

    • Buddy Scarver says:

      +Mak Clan 820 browns can do that buddy with the moves they are making on offense defense has always been there and im not even a fan of them

    • Buddy Scarver says:

      +Jenet J. Wait you going to far now with unbeatable its good teams in the afc lets not do that dont forget about kansas city chiefs and patroits few more but they are top of the list

  11. C.I.A The Central Intelligence Agency says:

    DaBrown?!? We couldn’t even predict this?!

    From LBJ to OBJ….Wooooow!

  12. TheHuskyK9 says:

    If the Browns don’t make the playoffs this coming season, I’ll will be hella disappointed. And I’m a Rams fan

    • Glow 44 says:

      They won’t make the playoffs. Mayfield is years from becoming a great QB (if it happens). The second year for a QB is arguably his most important season (and most difficult season).

    • Aaron Seidl says:

      Look how close they were to making it this last season…now look at the talent they added…I don’t see any other AFC north team being top dog lol

    • Sojourn R&R says:

      Where you from.

    • Schreck says:

      This actually gets me hyped for the Browns rams matchup

    • Josh. says:

      +Glow 44 Mayfield is already an above average QB and is already the best QB in his division. There is no reason they shouldn’t win the north this year

  13. Marcial© says:

    I can’t believe the Browns are more closer to win a Playoff Game than Cincinnati, oh boy :’c

  14. Albert Pak says:

    Saquon officially on suicide watch.

  15. Fuechai Vang says:

    They are dissing on Jarvis Landry so bad, treating him like he wasn’t already a #1 receiver.

    “Odell Beckham’s BUDDY”

    The disrespect lol


    joe thomas looking 109 lbs lighter

  17. Assketit Uber says:

    Now people will actually want to be drafted by the browns

  18. Assketit Uber says:

    If saquon leaves the giants are high key gonna be the 0-16 Browns.

  19. Steven Conrad says:

    Remember that losing streak for multiple years? Yep it’s gone
    -Pittsburgh Steelers fan

    • Gwinyai E J Chipunza says:

      That losing streak might be heading your way considering the way you are offloading quality players.

    • Glow 44 says:

      Maybe 8-8 for Browns. They still have a long ways to go. I am not a Steelers fan, but I am still taking them over the Browns. Ravens will be more dangerous than the Browns. Even though Jackson is going to be a liability at times, he is good enough to get them a wild card or possibly win the division (assuming he is healthy). Pittsburgh is the type of organization that will bounce back from this type of “crap” and Ben will probably an amazing year with everyone hating on him.

    • john anthony says:

      Glow 44 lol stop trolling, you making yourself look dumb

  20. killhouse 12xl says:

    I’m a broncos fan but might have to get obj browns shirt

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