Of Mice & Men – Unbreakable (Official Music Video)

Of Mice & Men – Unbreakable (Official Music Video)

Stream/download “Unbreakable” here: https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/unbreakable

There are weapons in the sound,
And they echo all around.
You feel the bitter sting as you fall to the ground.

Memories and plans forgone,
Pave the way for fear to spawn,
To find a vein to feast upon.
Hoping I become undone.

But I’m not afraid,

I’m unbreakable
Can’t defeat me, though I’m bleeding
Though I’m bending, I’ll never break.

Throwing caution to the wind,
Learning how to fight again,
I carry on regardless of the shape I’m in.

Every torch and pitchfork thrown.
Only makes the fire grow.
When it engulfs you, you will know.
That I will not be overthrown.

And I’m not afraid,

I’m unbreakable
Can’t defeat me, though I’m bleeding
Though I’m bending, I’ll never break.

Through the firestorm, I will remain,
And you will know where you stand.

I’m not afraid,

I’m unbreakable
Can’t defeat me, though I’m bleeding
Though I’m bending, I’ll never break.


Directed by Max Moore

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Merchant says:

    Aaron’s done a fantastic job being lead vocals… Also a big fan of Alan having a microphone but not using it!

  2. thycreator3296 says:

    Mices Elsewhere

  3. Cale Coleman says:

    alright i’ll be the first to say it:
    aaron is better at screaming than austin ?

  4. Claire Wraith says:

    Ah man it hurts not seeing Austin there, but I’m so proud of Aaron, good on you for filling the spot so well. xx

  5. Csaba Bagi says:

    Ive been waiting for this ever since he left Jamies Elsewhere.

  6. StealthyInsanity says:

    I was totally not ready for Aarons uncleans holy fucking shit

  7. Drogons Guardian says:

    dat ass doe..

  8. Daniel Campos says:

    this is fucking incredible…. i bet austin is so proud right now

  9. Jason LovesABR says:

    I like everything except for the generic lyrics.

  10. mrsallywally says:

    2017 Jamie’s elsewhere?

  11. datsdagi says:

    Even though Austin’s gone I’m glad to see Aaron step up and take the reigns! Aaron nailed it with this one!

  12. Euphoric Onion says:

    this sounds amazing but tbh the lyrics are super bland/cliche metalcore

  13. Iris Lasker says:

    Can we talk about Tino’s hair

  14. bryan says:

    I’ve been listening to Of mice & men since 2011 and it’s crazy how good this band still sounds even though both Austin and Shay left the band. Can’t wait to hear more. Aaron fucking Nailed it.

  15. Sam Otoniel says:

    So apparently everyone here is at the music level of a 14 year old scene kid. OM&M was great in the beginning, and everyone who’s saying they’re more “bearable” shouldn’t be listening to any subgenre of metal. They’ve gone downhill and I’m waiting for something like Pain and more material like stuff in The Flood. Don’t get me wrong, Aaron is an amazing vocalist, but Austin really MADE the band, and it’s sad that he can’t continue on with the band due to health reasons. But people out there saying that it’s more tolerable in general aren’t in their category. I don’t necessarily like all of their music that they put out, and not all of it has to be elaborate or even complex in any way, but I appreciate the work they put in and how much of their own lives have been shared through these songs. I’ve been listening to OM&M since The Flood was about to be dropped, I’ve always loved this band, but right now they’re in a bit of a rough patch, but new material is great! I still support the band, may not agree with their choices in music, but it’s their band and they know what they’re doing

  16. Tickle Me Connor says:

    Unbreakable>>> Cold world as a whole

  17. bvbarmy and aafamily says:

    I was really scared that without Austin, Of Mice & Men was going to get music shit, but I’m surprised, Of Mice & Men are still the same. I miss Austin, but Of Mice & Men without him is fine.

  18. I am Webbz says:

    Did Aaron Pauley hide this screaming talent of his on purpose. For a time like this when he knew he’d need it. ???

  19. go on your way says:

    now the band name is jamie’s elsewhere?

  20. Matt Smith says:

    Okay so please don’t crusify me for this suggestion but, now that Austin is gone, maybe do a song featuring Shayley if he’s up for it?


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