Official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | Portraits

Official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | Portraits

We don’t make Jeep®. You do. Our story is your story. In celebration of our 75 years, we salute the faces and the vehicles that embody the spirit of the Jeep brand. Share your story with us using #MyJeepStory.

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20 Responses

  1. says:

    Just get the old one with inline 6. Last forever.

  2. Brian Wallace says:

    My image was the snow covered Jeep! I didn’t know it would make it to the
    Super Bowl until I actually saw the commercial right after the halftime

  3. Sweatypancakes5 says:

    best super bowl commercial i saw while watching

  4. BeanerMan3k says:

    So if we are the ones that make Jeep, you will put a Hemi in the next gen
    Wrangler right? That is how I would make my next Wrangler

  5. Paul Denhup says:

    Hooah! Awesome.

  6. Mike Rigs says:

    Jeep you arent slick. we notice blatant Illuminati symbolism @:51

  7. animalmother141 says:

    errah first sgt

  8. Doug Greene says:

    Great ad! P.O.S. cars. Consistently rated as among the very worst vehicles
    for reliability by Consumer Reports.

    Maybe they should get out of the car business and just do advertising!

  9. Toysrmi says:

    I liked this one the best

  10. dick durbin says:

    If it wasn’t for Jeep you would all be speaking German (or Japanese) Proud
    Jeep owner 1998 5.9L, bring on the Toyota’s I can’t wait lol

  11. Ursula Murray says:

    Bravo Jeep…Well done!!!

  12. Francisco Vazquez says:

    Who’s the astronaut?

  13. Merritt Oliveaux says:

    Gives inspiration

  14. Fierce Falcon says:


  15. holding Thebag says:

    Where can we buy “Aerial” played by Jim Cox?

  16. Cheryl K says:

    where’s lady gaga

  17. leonL39 says:

    Who’s the lady at :20 seconds?

  18. stegomon says:

    nice fiat

  19. Niskowable says:

    love it

  20. IRUNASSAULT says:

    HOL UP