Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer raises the bar for the famed multiplayer mode delivering the most thrilling grounded combat experience yet with a focus on tactical gameplay and player choice.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 is available October 12, 2018. Pre-order at participating retailers on disc or digital download and get Private Beta Access:

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90 Responses

  1. Crao says:

    black ops 3 all over again

  2. UpriZe Kraken says:

    Id rather just hop on bo1

  3. Terry is a faggot Spooderman says:

    Looks like a mix between Ghosts and IW and a not so good mix at that

  4. balls balls says:

    Cod is dead

  5. The Cuz says:

    Cod is out of ideas and struggling to survive. They took rainbow six sieges ideas (shield, 5 v 5 , specialist, not being able to use the same specialist, grapple) and are jumping the battle royal hype because they just want success, but they are all out of ideas and using other successful developers ideas.

    • Slickydee says:

      Suutari4 its pretty obvious this guy started playing cod during aw era

    • i_do_not_matter says:

      Lynch Gaming nope in the battle royale reveal they even say they “got inspiration from other games” and they did steal some of the sheild ideas from siege because they have added in the side defences for it which if you look is montagne ability

    • trofch1k says:

      “Struggling to survive” lmao.

    • Nanu Tee says:

      Dude, battle royale games are taking over, period. No need to hate on the franchise because they’re trying something new with COD. Shit’s gonna be lit.

    • GhostFusiion says:

      The Cuz black ops 3 Arena had the same system of a specialist only being taken once. No game can claim they invented the basic concept of a character only being able to be played by one player.

  6. Agent Smith says:

    This no-joke looks like a Black ops 3 DLC

    • viajeroastral astral says:

      Agent Smith with no campaign

    • Schmidt says:

      Well will see when this BLACK OPS 4 come out and will be ONE OF THE BEST OR THE BEST IN THE WHOLE HISTORY , you dont know a crap about the game you didnt played, THERE IS for the FIRST time a new mod called BLACK OUT!!

    • RbKing55 says:

      Agent Smith It’s funny because I never played black ops three and this totally looks like a dlc 

    • Yerlz 09 says:

      Schmidt ageed this game looks sick might be the best

  7. LetsRock1t says:

    Disslike ! OMFG RIP Black Ops Series.



  9. PlatiNiium Fayet says:

    Call of duty ?
    Nice joke

  10. EliteZHD says:

    Update 1.2: Campaign Added

  11. Death Soul says:

    the reason why cod is going downhill is because the community (us the players) don’t know what we want and it is hard for treyarch to make a game with different opinions

    • bigcmlg says:

      We want a game without pay 2 win loot boxes and want a good in depth game like the way mw2 was set up. Like the classes and perks and maps.

    • Rodrigo Andres says:

      تركي عبدالله nah what really people want is something new. Bop and mdw2 were pretty innovative. People want new things but dont know what they want until you show them to them…it can succeed and it can fail.

    • lifestyle says:

      From my experience. They are chasing trends and doing whatever makes them money. It’s the guys up top, not the actual developers since they have no say. Battle Royale, no campaign despite people loving the Black Ops story modes. Zombies, a tiring game mode, recycling a good bit of operators, etc. Their known for running with something until they hit dirt hard.

    • alexslykid says:


  12. ze ottur says:

    I miss modern warfare 😔

  13. YDM-Network says:

    Battlefield V is gonna kill this franchise for sure

    • Visl SDio says:

      Ryan Wardrop Battlefield 4 had the shittiest launch of all time.

    • Cyclone says:

      YDM-Network all of them hhave too many kids
      If you want an adult game get a pc and play arma 3 or squad.

    • Slickydee says:

      Visl SDio thank you for saying this, I encounter kids in bf4 all the time. Not as loud and annoying as western kids but still kids (mostly japanese)

    • Visl SDio says:

      Both games have so many under-aged children, so bragging about it that CoD is popular because of kids is not a smart think to brag about. A message to all Battlefield fanboys out there.

    • Raul FR says:

      JAJAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH you are the people that says that its a copy of bo3, Bf V its a really bad copy of Bf1

  14. Abhishek Sathe says:

    Is this like an expansion DLC for Black Ops 3?

  15. Jimbo says:

    Same old same old

    • F0Xx says:

      personally I don’t even like CoD but this game….this game looks amazing
      It’s just too bland of a franchise but BO4 looks unoque

    • Ivan Fajdetic says:

      Truide We wouldn’t complain if WW2 was actually good. How can you be pleased with the most underdeveloped CoD of all time? Least maps and guns. And only small shitty 3 lane maps. Like wtf. I was expecting something like CoD 5.

    • i_do_not_matter says:

      JustCamG its not a “new” mode its just treyarch looking at what they can steal because they are running out of ideas, like why do you think they removed campaign? Its cuz they backed themselves into a corner that they couldnt think their way out of, when they added in a shitty multiplayer campaign and instead of following on with the story they decided to mention menendez’s name twice and thought it was enough

    • Yerlz 09 says:

      Lmfao are you on drugs this is probably the most different cod game out

  16. Tito el lechero says:

    *Real name is Cod black ops 3 remastered? :v*

  17. Crossroads C-137 says:

    Hold on… why did they add advanced movement even after it being hated for years?!

  18. Help me reach 100 subs says:

    Black Ops IIII : Can i copy your homework
    Black Ops III : Ya sure but change it a little
    The Trailer:

  19. Zero Flax says:

    nice bullshit treyarch

  20. The Racing Monkey says:

    Looking at the comments, I’m not sure the community knows what it wants
    Just hate, bringing up old games and no new ideas

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