Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Prologue

Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Prologue

Expand your Destiny adventure with House of Wolves. Only the bravest Guardians will hunt down the rising Fallen threat and lay claim to the mysterious treasures of The Reef.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves will be available Tuesday, May 19, 2015 on PlayStation4, PlayStation3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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20 Responses

  1. liljman juan says:

    Icicle yeah can’t wait

  2. Jef Wood says:

    Expansion II: House of Wolves arrives on 5/19. The Reef will soon be open
    to all Guardians. Let the hunt begin.

  3. Trent Sprecher says:

    This all started because they minded that we took their pikes.

  4. Garrett Hustler says:

    This seems like a much more promising doc than the dark below

  5. Pistobot says:

    Ok so it seems cool but i have to tell you guys, destiny players, something
    about PVP, if you are using Felwinter’s lie, i have no respect for you and
    i wish i could kill you in real life. i HAD to.

  6. DaGamingBoss says:


  7. Ryan c says:

    Why aren’t the cut scenes this cool? C’mon bungie 

  8. NecroKnight says:

    Will we actually get a story this time?

  9. KidfromAsiA says:

    It better not disappoint considering there isnt a raid

  10. Battle Camp & Destiny says:

    Shit just hit the fan!

  11. Adam Lispie says:

    This looks cool, but it will probably only be 4 missions like last time.

  12. X_MudkipGames_X says:

    Alright back to grinding!

  13. Fermin Villalobos says:

    House of wolves plot: ghost said during the winter’s run strike “think they
    mind if we take their pikes?” They minded

  14. Zach Mitchell says:

    There is no raid. Come on bungie, are you kidding me?!

  15. Jay Bee says:

    So there isn’t going to be a new raid for HoW!!! I’m fucking pissed! the
    only reason hardcore players still play is for raids and now they are
    taking out the only thing i paid for that i was promised i would get with
    each dlc. this is such bullshit. everyone get pissed as well please so that
    bungie will recant their horrible decision.

  16. Hi _Jr says:

    well, guess who still hasn’t gotten through the dark below.

  17. adam coker says:

    i almost craped my pants watching this…
    So Hype!!!!!!!

  18. xXTHEELITE 302 says:


  19. Ray Gutierrez says:

    They showed them mercy. Mistake #1 the fallen saw it as a weakness. Mistake
    #2 you trained them and showed the ways of awoken. Mistake #3 they were
    underestimated and now they pay the price in blood.

  20. xXEskimo492Xx says:

    Ooooooo…. The queen is pissed