Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer

Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer

Get fired up for Destiny: Rise of Iron, available on 9/20. Includes a new cinematic story campaign, new weapons and armor, a new Raid, new and remastered co-operative Strikes, a new social space, and more.

Pre-order Destiny: Rise of Iron and receive the Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic rocket launcher:



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20 Responses

  1. easynow says:

    lets go :D

  2. Broken Steelshot says:

    I’m officially hyped

  3. The Destiny Fun Police says:

    The Defenders are ready to Rise ;)

  4. Luca says:

    What class is everyone maining? I think I might main a Titan but idk

  5. Rowell Ganancial says:

    aww I still want a live action rise of iron trailer at least. like what
    they did with day one and TTK. XD

  6. Apex of War says:

    Did I just witness the love child of Gjallarhorn and Sleeper @ 1:23 ?

  7. Sam Harrington says:

    “Long ago the world had no guardians. It had only.. Iron Lords! Fearless,
    righteous, We were humanity’s greatest warriors!” The Iron lords are
    fucking Spartans (IIs). With the last remaining one (That we know of) a
    gruff-voiced badass. Idgaf, I’m calling Saladin Master Saladin or Lord
    Chief from now on xD. Awesome intro though Bungie *Claps Vigorously*

  8. Jake Sexton says:

    My Iron is Rising from this trailer

  9. zootsuitjoker Dc says:

    Hey Bungie! Live action trailer por favor?

  10. sharukh shaikh says:

    Holy freakin crap this looks super good. Just hoping it will not disappoint

  11. Gjallarhorn says:


  12. moonpelt gaming says:


  13. Wizardporn2008 says:

    Rest in piss jorder, Salians love interest.

  14. xMarethyu says:

    lets all just take a moment of silence for the legacy console users…

  15. James Greer says:

    One thing. Where is the led Zeppelin live action trailer?

  16. apotheos1s says:

    Oh look, Jolder is Femshep.

  17. ToclafaneTwo says:

    The female Iron Lord who we see lock herself in with the Siva at 0:21 is
    none other than Efrideet, the only other living Iron Lord. She sealed
    herself away, intending to make the ultimate sacrifice, but instead was
    corrupted by the Siva, and is going to be the final boss of the Raid.
    Saladin refuses to acknowledge her as an Iron Lord, shown by the fact that
    she doesn’t have an artifact named after her, or a statue in Felwinter’s
    peak (I think we’ll get her artifact from the raid).
    This is all speculation of course, and I’m just basing this on what we’ve
    seen. Please comment if you agree or disagree. I want to hear what people
    think! See you in Rise Of Iron!

  18. Cavan Cox says:

    FUCK I haven’t played destiny in so long my characters are shit now

  19. LeoNard CGO says:

    Hahaha why would I need this if there’s Bf1 and Gears 4 approaching?

  20. Thejonathon says:

    A terrible human threatening diseases that takes things over….. NO NOT