We are so excited and couldn’t be more grateful for all of you 🤍 Thank you so much for all your love and support!

A SPECIAL thanks to those who helped decorate/provide for our party…

Instagram Handles:
Video: @codyandbreea + @tellthebirds
Cookies: @anyascookies
Smoke Bombs: @shutterbombs
Back Drop: @utahpartybackdrops
Signage: @beckengravingdesignstudio
Cupcakes: @sweettoothfairy
Bounce House: @thewhitecastle.ut

Follow the journey 🙂

Sarah’s Insta: @sarah_bee
Derik’s Insta: @derikbeeston
Jack’s Insta: @jackbeeston_
Tiktok: @sarbeeston


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27 Responses

  1. Matt & Abby says:

    Congratulations!! Abby knew it! My guess was a boy but somehow Abby always gets these things right. Sooo freaking happy for you!

  2. Student^_^ says:

    She’s gonna be so happy when she sees that jack always wanted to have her as a part of your family!best wishes to you guys! I’m so happieee 🤧✨💗

  3. Lee Whitehead says:

    Jack is Adorable he is going to be great with his new baby sister I can’t wait CONGRATULATIONS XX

  4. kimiejim says:

    Couldn’t imagine being pregnant for another year and 4 months 😂😂 congratulations!!

    • Callie Noble says:

      I was so confused with the 2023 at the end! My brain had a screeching halt of a moment! Lol

    • Rachel Bee says:

      @Ashlea Maguire ohhhh, gotcha! Haha thx!

    • Ashlea Maguire says:

      @Rachel Bee The end of the video said ‘Baby Girl Dec 2023’. 2023 would mean she will carry for 16 months + which isn’t humanly possible 😅 I also question my maths and thought I lost my marbles… and came here for this comment to make sure I wasn’t too tired to be watching YouTube 😅

    • Rachel Bee says:

      Huh? What am I missing?

    • Harshini Manuthunga says:

      I was looking for this comment 😂 tbh I was questioning my math 😂

  5. ockeydockey says:

    This actually made me cry again!!!😭😭😭 I’m sooo happy for u and this precious baby girl 💕

  6. Holly Collins says:

    I was laying on my husbands chest watching this with him and when I saw pink I squealed and started crying. I am so happy for y’all. I was guessing girl too. Baby Jack was right all along. He is getting his baby sistaaaaa! Big congrats to you two!

  7. Kathleen Bialas says:

    Congratulations! I can see you’re both thrilled and I’m crying tears of joy and thanksgiving for all of you! 💕

  8. pearl729 says:

    Congratulations! It’s so cute that Jack knew the whole time.

  9. Real life with Jonesy says:

    IT’T A GIRL 🙏 AWW I actually cried with happiness for you guys. Beautiful gender reveal 💕 Love and blessings from UK 🇬🇧❤️

  10. Kathy Mossuto says:

    Like the most intelligent woman there said…… “Healthy” is all that matters. Congratulations! You’ll now have the most adorable boy and girl I’ve ever seen!!

    • Outsider Songs says:

      When I was last pregnant that was all that mattered :-). Everyone was so desperate for a girl I asked for the gender at my 20wk scan. Was a girl but it never mattered to me. My first pregnancy had dangerous complications.

    • A S says:

      A healthy baby is all that matters 🇮🇳 wish them joy ❤️ bests !

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