OFFICIAL GENDER REVEAL! – Benny & Alondra Ep 2

OFFICIAL GENDER REVEAL! – Benny & Alondra Ep 2


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43 Responses

  1. sierra sprague says:

    not me getting tingly when they popped it 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Pocahontas Traps says:

    Yall this was JUST a gender reveal ! You imagine the baby shower or their wedding! That shit is gonna be lit af

  3. mariah g says:

    Crazy how strangers are complaining when the PARENTS had waited all these months. Y’all this is their moment not yours. These were awesome to watch, you can definitely feel the love!!! Congratulations you guys! Boys are the best!!! Benny watch out bc he will be a mamas boy ☺️❤️

    • Janysha says:

      This is so true! I love watching these videos even if they keep us waiting because low key I wish I did the same with my pregnancy. I feel like both my gender reveal and shower were so rushed just to please people that looking back I wasn’t that happy with the outcome and barely have any footage. They have all these beautiful videos to cherish in the future!

  4. Jenny Makaveil says:

    It’s crazy how Benny was raised by his mom and Alondra with just her dad.
    Wow and they seem like two great genuine people

  5. midori sweet says:

    Alo wanted a baby girl so bad but once she holds her baby boy she’ll be holding her whole world 💙 I’m of mom of 3 boys and it’s the best!

  6. Alejandra says:

    I felt like I was at the gender reveal that’s how lit it was 🤣😭

  7. Taylor Norris says:

    The bartender is probably going to be the next go to person for everybody’s events. She’s going to be the patty of bartending. 😂

  8. Ruby Valdes says:

    Now Ms. Benny’s Mom did not have to make me cry like that ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

  9. Us Always says:

    You both are going to be amazing parents❤️ we love you guys!!

  10. Bianca Villa says:

    Not me crying when bennys mom said “I gained another daughter” man oh man my mother in law could never say that congrats babe you’re gonna be such an amazing mother and Benny an amazing father can’t with to see him 💕

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