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55 Responses

  1. Trey Traylor says:

    Team boy or team girl? 😂🔥

  2. Diamond Whitlow says:

    Carmen is drunk it seems like it lmao 😂

  3. D'asha Handspike says:

    Trey is going to be a great father look how he treats his sister’s and niece 😍

  4. Simply Niyaaa says:

    I avoided the comments the whole time cuz y’all talk to much 😂but congrats

  5. Miss Ehi says:

    Their probably gonna name her Loyal.
    Legend, Legacy, Loyalty😍

  6. heaven love says:

    Imature there kid guna look back at this one day like seriously a blessing is a blessing just be thankful pray the baby healthy

  7. Danya Dalling says:

    There ain’t nun wrong w/ having a girl. Don’t know why people say that. It’s great to have a big brother but for a first pregnancy the girls are normally smaller. Easier to push. CONGRATULATIONS 🎊‼️❤️

  8. Kwame Appiah says:

    Essy was right when senia told everyone that she was pregnant she was wearing a pink dress and when essy found out she was pregnant she was wearing pink to

  9. HolmesTwins says:

    Whoever likes this, I hope you become successful one day

  10. Fp Mo says:

    Y’all talking about the girl gone be hurt when she see this but shittt I got hurt watching this 😭😭😭😩😩‼️

  11. Coffee with Tea Podcast says:

    Trey and Senia this is the biggest gift God will ever bless you with! I think you guys will be amazing parents. Remember to always listen to advice with an open heart, keep what you want and disregard the rest. This world is hell give that baby girl the tools and knowledge she will need to make her just as successful as you both! I am wishing nothing but peace and blessings for your family. I am always praying for a healthy baby girl with a dope name. This is the start of your amazing journey, good luck to you both! ❤️

  12. Nevaeh Smith says:

    I feel bad for when the girl watch’s this back🥺

  13. Jesse Farrell says:

    I will feel sorry whenever their child watch this video because she might feel a little bad how they wanted a boy so bad 😟😭 all love tho i love their family so much so i ‘m just being honest 👍😄🇹🇹

  14. Denisha Owens says:

    If she went to her doctor for a blood test that’s 99.9 % where as an ultrasound is wayyy less reliable . Blood there testing for the chromosomes ultrasound they just looking at the gential! You definitely having a girl and that’s a blessing too even more really makes women run the world and create the world ! God bless

    • Milaaa says:

      They told my mom I was a girl first and then they told her that I was a boy because my heart beats like a males heart beat but I’m a female sometimes the ultrasound don’t work

  15. vaniii vlogs says:

    Nobody :
    Armon: I just got me some chicken😂😂

  16. Cikyra Terrell says:

    They baby girl gone look back at this video and be so sad because she gone feel like her own parents didn’t even want her 🤦🏽‍♀️. I just feel it comin 🥺😭. Remember she didn’t ask to be here . It’s not her fault her parents didn’t want a baby girl 🤷🏽‍♀️💯

  17. Yolande Haufiku says:


  18. Trillaaa says:

    we all know trey was lowkey burning inside when he saw that pink smoke

  19. Rojacia Campbell says:

    1.Cj-Queen and Chris
    2.Legend-Queen and Clarence
    4.Winter-Vanessa and Zavi
    5.Cj-Carmen and Corey
    7. Legacy-Essy and Armon
    8. Kaiser-Nique and King
    10.?-Senia and Tray
    I love these YouTubers so much Ive been watching then since they first started YouTube💯 I wish everyone was there tho❤️😭

  20. Leila Sanders says:

    It’s crazy cause it feels just like yesterday Trey was living in the house with Queen,Jazz and Tae,Armon and everybody else and now he’s about to be a dad wow😥😩💖💖💖💖

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