IT’S A……

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38 Responses

  1. mayratouchofglam says:

    IT’S A…….
    Omg omg omg 😭💛
    Thank you all so much for being patient!

  2. Karina Garcia says:

    December can’t come soon enough 🥺😭❤️ ahhhh!!!!

  3. Ashley Palacios says:

    You can tell how upset Myra and Brian were when someone’s popper when off😭😭

  4. Kelly Strack says:

    So happy for you!!! Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Larisa M says:

    The gender reveal was cute and all but can’t deny their moment was taken from them! Robbed! Dam literally it was ruined. Sucks, they spent all this $$ time and organizing for someone to ruin their countdown. The most important part of the party! Just because someone didn’t follow directions. Mayra’s face when they popped it broke my 💔💔😢 It literally ruined a special moment!!!! Wow 😳 Congratulations on the gender of your baby 🥰 Wisihing a smooth pregnancy & healthy baby ❤️

    • A - says:

      First world problems. Nah but I’d be a little upset too

    • Larisa M says:

      @Maria Perez I think they hand out poppers to several people so a lot of the confeti comes out and it looks nicer for the video. (Astethic) But I get it handing it out to different people is very risky.

    • Mizz Trina says:

      Watch it had been her sister lol….Either way that does suck it was ruined. 🙁 I really think those poppers should be for just the parents of the baby.

    • m n says:

      But who are we to judge right ? 😂

    • Elvira J says:

      I don’t understand how this angers so many people. The surprise is still there. Bryan’s reaction was so beautiful… at the end that’s what the celebration was for. It most definitely is not a reason to ruin someone’s special day or even the celebration at that.

  6. Erika Angel says:

    IM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS 🥲🤍 Dios los bendiga!!!

  7. Ncr Ajmd says:

    Just know that in a bit of time someone popping off the popper “before time” wont matter to you at all and you’ll look back at it and laugh if you’re not already there. Many blessing to the healthy baby on the way!

  8. Jeffrey Deleon says:

    I was so mad someone had popped it early..I realized the confusion. There was a count up for a count down…but Omg your face momma!!!! I cried for you….Brian has an amazing soul his face is showed like you and him were the only ones there, the passion for you seems amazing! An I know at the end of the day your happy and you can’t wait to meet baby boy!!!! I’m so happy for y’all congratulations mayra and Brian !!!!!🎊🍾🎈🎉

  9. Daniela Roa says:

    Idk why I always cry when Luis holds his sisters with so much love and care🥺😭😭😭😭….he’s a wonderful big brother, always does everything with such love, especially for his little sisters…. Congrats Mayra and Bryan♥️we can’t wait to meet baby Renteria.

  10. Alannized says:


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