Official JUMP FESTA Trailer | Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War | VIZ

Official JUMP FESTA Trailer | Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War | VIZ

#Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is finally here!

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38 Responses

  1. Z3R0 says:

    This looks so gorgeous, deserving for the amount of hype about to unfold.

  2. ghetto Hokage says:

    The amount of excitement I’m feeling is crazy we’ve waited 9 years finally 😢

  3. Gabriel Odigie says:

    The OST that always gives goosebumps everytime! Welcome back bleach, your fans have long waited

  4. CHEFPK says:


  5. Loxic says:

    Words can’t express how hyped I am for this

  6. lLiquid says:

    This legitimately gave me chills. Bleach was my first ever anime, so it has a special place in my heart. I’ve actually started to read the manga, and I cannot wait for 2022.



    The animation art style is beyond me HOLY FN SHEEEEEET

    • Stark says:

      @Shill88 don’t you see some of the characters moving? It still counts as animation,albiet some are static. Static images is a bit of a stretch, it’s not like it’s just some wallpaper.

    • Shill88 says:

      @水 St. Felly the episodes are not made yet, is only a trailer made with images prebuilded ad hoc only for this case to show us how will be the character design at october (over 10 months from now). Is like see a videogame gameplay trailer(like the first one of Kingdom Hearts3) of a game which development is just started.

    • Shill88 says:

      @Stark do you know that the episodes are not yet made? This is an animation made ad hoc only for the first trailer to show us the character design, this is not what we will see in the anime.

    • Shill88 says:

      @水 St. Felly yep, hopefully they will produce a similar quality for the final product.

    • Turky says:

      Watch akudama drive for more.

  8. Answer_is_B says:

    My hope is that they incorporate “Can’t Fear Your Own World” into this arc to fill it out as much as possible

  9. NoU says:

    The art style has improved! Glad to hear Ichigo’s old theme reimagined in the trailer too! So hyped to finally see BLEACH’s ending animated

  10. Clyde says:

    We did it, boys. All that waiting paid off. Almost 10 years.

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