Official Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Official Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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35 Responses

  1. Call of Duty says:

    What are you most excited about in #ModernWarfare2? 👀

  2. Futives says:

    so happy we can campaign without worrying about missing the multiplayer grind

  3. Roniixx says:

    If there is any respect I have still left for COD then it’s definitely for the campaign

  4. Matthew Rumble says:

    I hope they never get rid of the campaigns even if they are the hardest to make. I love a great story with great writing and proper endings. This one looks solid!

    • Osiris_ official_ says:

      After bo4 I think it’s safe to say campaigns are here to stay 😊 They know now people still care and want a Campaign so yea 😊

  5. Coconut Brah says:

    lookin’ forward to it

  6. Gerry Booth says:

    31 years old now and I still get goosebumps seeing every cod campaign trailer…had every game since Cod 3 back on the ps3! Cannot wait for this!

  7. StoneMountain64 says:

    I love the are still doing campaign and didn’t give up on it

  8. MCR123321 says:

    As an old veteran of the franchise all the way back to the original on PC back in ’03, this campaign trailer gave me chills. Love to see some classics of the franchise returning in force. B)

  9. TrueMOBSTER says:

    Jheeez looks like a movie 👀

  10. Bradley Fleming says:

    Don’t ever stop campaigns. Truly a beautiful thing. The detail and polish to this and stunning. Very excited

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