Official LawBreakers Announce Trailer

Official LawBreakers Announce Trailer

The Shattering changed everything — forever. Witness the worldwide premiere trailer of LawBreakers, the highly-anticipated debut FPS from Cliff Bleszinski & Boss Key Productions.



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20 Responses

  1. harry dixson says:

    Dude, it’s the shattering. Sooo cool.

  2. Randall Moore says:

    Literally. every. thing. has. that. stupid. foghorn. sound. effect. enough.

  3. Grant Mock says:

    Man.. all of these negative comments.. cool trailer guys, I’ll be sure to
    check out the gameplay trailer on Friday.

  4. Karl Strukhoff (Pacmayange) says:

    Cheezy cringe worthy trailer for what sounds like an awesome game in terms
    of gameplay.

  5. Damingo54 says:

    trailer looked dumb but hope the gameplay is better

  6. Nicholas Smith says:


  7. Vidar says:

    Nope. Just no. You can’t write “science fiction” in the 21st century and
    not even understand basic 17th century science.
    That’s just lazy. Not to mention, that with all the possibilities of our
    civilization the best you can do is write a scientifically illiterate piece
    of “sci fi” where one group kills another over some bullshit instead of
    writing about real world conflicts and problems? I mean, the world has
    enough problems, why make up new ones?
    The conclusion? Writers are too lazy to learn science, too lazy to learn
    history, too lazy to learn about current world problems and too lazy to
    even write an original idea for a big budget production.
    Shape up for goodness sake.

  8. ThePrivateJoker says:

    Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth (due to this travesty).

  9. JordyT1998 says:

    Announcement music sounds like final Masquerade by Linkin Park.

  10. NicoCoco says:

    awesome! those 3 character classes look interesting 😉 cant wait to play

  11. Gabriel Padilla says:

    Looks cool but you couldn’t have the guy blow his nose before recording

  12. Justin Kleinschroth says:

    looks fuckin awesome, can’t wait to see gameplay!

  13. AmirB says:

    leave PC gaming alone you fucktards and shove your shitty P2W game
    somewhere else because you know cliffy, we are all pirates.

  14. xTHHxAimiForevr says:

    no thanks

  15. Burt Reynolds says:

    Fuck off. It’s bad enough when movies do this, it’s bullshit when games do
    it too. Fucking trailers for trailers

  16. DahakaVitz says:

    Que the Judge Dredd jokes!

  17. Lysergic acid diethylamide says:


  18. Giant Dad says:

    Do any of you know what an Announcement Trailer is, or do you really just
    need a reason to complain.

  19. bear999com says:

    I’m intrigued. Look forward to Friday’s game play trailer.

  20. RenegadeRocks says:

    What a unique and fresh name : law Breakers ! No one could think that up
    …lol !