I went to Treyarch and played MW3 Zombies. Here is all the info I learned as well as 15 minutes of gameplay in 4k HD!

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47 Responses

  1. Lonny says:

    I don’t know why they can’t just make a normal cod zombies experience.

  2. N says:

    The graphics actually look really good and the enemies designs and ideas look great. I wish they did round based normal zombies maps with these graphics

    • says:

      It looks alr ill be exicited to see something new though

    • Big Chungos says:

      same design as cold war

    • Alter The UNKNOWN says:

      These enemies are literally just rehashed cold war zombies

    • N says:

      @Alter The UNKNOWN there are new bosses plus the bosses and mini bosses have more detail to them and features. The graphics look updated and clean

    • Appal says:

      Only thing that bugs me are the camos. Idk why they look so 2d and lifeless on this engine. In Cold War, any camo that moves looks like there’s actual liquid or whatever, that’s moving around the gun. Since MW2, they just look like 2d pictures moving around

  3. Mike says:

    the only positive thing about this is that we can await new custom zombie maps with features from this game for BO3

  4. Rob2021 says:

    You can see the pain in Noahs eyes 😂

  5. dirtnasty27 says:

    my heart broke a little when he said this mode isn’t for solos 😪

  6. Christopher says:

    Here are some things that would make zombies better
    1. Go back to round based
    2. The best zombies maps have strong themes. Cold War lacked this. They all just felt like extraction zones. If you look at bo3 each map felt like it had its own personality and character. Shadows is a great example. Jazzy music with the Chicago night vibes.
    3. Players should start the match with a weak pistol. Zombies is wayyyyy to easy now.
    4. The best maps had research done on them. Mob, DE, Origins, had teams getting inspiration from the world. This made zombies feel like a unique experience and not just some random field where we’re aimlessly killing zombies. It also gave maps a purpose. The narrative reason for why my character was stuck in Alcatraz was excellent writing! Where did that go? Probably out the door with Jason.
    5. Bring back Easter eggs and have Easter egg rewards (calling cards a fancy camo or weapon). Reward players for playing!
    6. Bring back a crew. Honestly, we’ll never have characters better than the og 4. But cotd and motd are proof that new great characters can be made. People get attached to characters not operators.
    7. Zombies needs to have a solo mode. This community thrived off of solo play for over a decade. I do know that this isn’t a Treyarch title, but there has been so much criticism and no action to actually improve the game.

  7. daniel pecora says:

    Someone tell the devs that zombies isn’t just spray and shoot for fun. There’s deep meanings and stories that we love and their just doing us a disservice

    • Vadiya Kirby says:

      Stories doesn’t sell skins and blueprints unfortunately

    • Dwayne Martin says:

      I can’t see why people are complaining when it was quite direct on what this was gonna be. This zombies was never supposed to be classic zombies.

    • Matthew Webster says:

      My theory is since treyarch is now in charge of all zombies I’ve noticed that in any game that isn’t black ops they have completely butchered zombies so that they can then make it good in their game.

    • Trevor Potthoff says:

      @Dwayne Martin people are complaining because most zombies fans don’t want something soulless like this

    • Dwayne Martin says:

      @Trevor Potthoff Then wait for next year, it’s as simple as that. This zombies is for casuals

  8. Straight up Rat says:

    I swear to god Activision has gotta give Treyarch a damn break. If this and Vanguard harm 2024 significantly I’ll be furious

    • TUCKERFAN1156 says:

      If 2024 is bad im not buying another cod for a long time bcuz I know itll be Activision fault

    • Illuminator951 says:

      I think they have a secondary like B team working on this and their best team doing their 2024 Cod zombies

    • AntwanIzMetal says:

      @Illuminator951this is correct they’ve been learning the new engine since everything is going to be on the same engine/platform/connected hub

    • Naruto Uzumaki says:

      Im not buying this shit, didnt buy vanguard and regret buying cold war. Zombies is dead died with bo4

  9. jose martinez says:

    This feels like a game they would show in a sitcom

  10. Lil A Gaming says:

    I think it looks like it can be fun let’s just hope they make it worth replaying replay ability is important for a game mode like this

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