Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial | Icelandic Vikings | We Will Rock You

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial | Icelandic Vikings | We Will Rock You

The All-New Ram 1500 is designed to take on the most epic adventures, including this one – hauling a horde of Vikings across the Icelandic tundra, towing a massive Viking ship, all while singing a fast-paced version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Their journey continues over sea as they row their Viking ship with their beloved truck in tow to America but are in for a shocking surprise. Luckily, they are driving the only truck that is indeed “built for the unexpected.”

With legendary power, performance and dependability, we’re determined to work hard and play even harder, boldly forging ahead to get the job done.

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37 Responses

  1. Kenny Omega IF says:

    That was fast, great remix of We Will Rock You.

  2. Oscar Cruz Ruiz says:

    There better be a released version of that Queen’s song

    EDIT: It’s a legit version by Queen! watch?v=Ekm6WtKwQos

  3. bandeyawx says:

    Skyrim mods are getting crazier every passing year.

  4. Coin Boy says:

    Great video

  5. dementionX says:

    I don’t need a truck, but I DO need a link to that version of We Will Rock You!

  6. Cory Coulter says:

    Go ram trucks all the way

  7. RoxyWallHanger Roxy says:


  8. Michael Lewis says:

    GO EAGLES. Who did the mashup? Badass.

  9. Christophe Filippi says:

    Who did the song remix?

  10. Jay Woodhouse says:

    I will consider buying a Ram truck because this has Magnus Ver Magnusson in it!

  11. Blue Collar says:

    This was hilarious!

  12. Daniel Gottschalk says:

    Watch the Extended Cut, it’s better.

  13. Awkward Egg says:

    I’m a Vikings fan but this still funny af

  14. Marcus Hogg says:

    The name of the song is (we will rock you…Fast) off the the queen on the air album…. It’s on iTunes hope this helps

  15. wildCHILDballad says:

    Who is the actor at the beginning of the ad?! What is he from? It’s driving me crazy!

  16. TonsorialVirtuoso09 says:

    Sweet Truck!

  17. Edward Trinidad says:

    Damn The new ram truck is on point .

  18. Green Trance says:


  19. Starry Gravity says:

    I just love Queen tbh.

  20. USA Ball says:

    Best Ram commercial so far

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