Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

The war for Mordor begins. Watch the official gameplay walkthrough for Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Download this video for free at:

Witness firsthand the next generation of the innovative Nemesis System—featuring the addition of Nemesis Fortresses—where players must utilize different strategies to conquer dynamic strongholds and forge their personalized Orc army. In this video, Talion and Celebrimbor have used the power of the New Ring to recruit Followers in their assault on a fortress in the mountain valley of Seregost. This is just one of the millions of possibilities that players will experience in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Available beginning August 22, 2017 on Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Windows 10 PC (Windows Store and Steam), PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro. Pre-order now:



Middle-earth: Shadow of War™ is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor™, winner of more than 50 industry awards—including the 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards’ Game of the Year, Outstanding Innovation in Gaming at the 2015 D.I.C.E. Awards and the BAFTA for Game Design. Developed by Monolith Productions, Middle-earth: Shadow of War features an original story with the return of Talion and Celebrimbor, who must go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron.


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20 Responses

  1. Dave Short says:

    WHERE!?!  IS!?!  RATBAG!?!

  2. Samurai Succ says:

    Rip to my nigga Az-Laar the demolisher

  3. Caleb Wallace says:

    This looks way to OP.. Hope it’s harder then it looks

  4. BeneB says:

    I love how they use old sounds and mechanics! I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!

  5. All Tree Of Yall says:

    Damn the destroyer died. feelsbadman

  6. CoolZ 80 says:

    When Celebrimbor beat the Storm Bringer to death with his hammer I got a lot of vibes from Sauron killing his family with the same hammer.
    Anyone else?

  7. KaiserAfini says:

    This looks astonishingly cool, which is why I am not pre-ordering it. The promises made here are sky high, which is why I will adopt the same posture as I did after seeing the No Man’s Sky demo: Prove It. Send out review copies, let the internet see livestreams and everyone make their choice. No studio would be insane enough to invest so much time and effort in a game and not make a scripted first look. Normally, this is fine, but AAA has a history of these not corresponding to the actual final product, such as with Alien: Colonial Marines, No Man’s Sky and Watch Dogs. I hope this game does really well and that it delivers on this mind bogglingly huge procedurally generated campaign. It certainly has my attention, but its far too early to safely commit to it.

  8. Shadow of War says:

    The Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough video is available for free download here:

  9. Edward Lopex says:

    Did you guys see him shoot arrows while in mid jump?!?!? Looks amazing.

  10. Josh Walman says:

    4:56 when your dad sees you jerking to furry porn.

  11. gumli sun of gluin says:

    u may get alot of new friends in shadow of war but ratbag will always be my nigga

  12. nick jacobson says:

    Note that this preview has infinite health for the player, infinite arrows, infinite executions, and OP captains on his side with a lot of perks. It’s not going to be that easy when you play it.

    EDIT: If you have any doubts about open world, or anything like that, here’s this article: and also, perhaps save imports?

  13. ShinRock54 says:

    Smh…so many fucking naysayers in these comments…”bleh…looks the same as the first one” ..what the fu-?! How ?! How does this look the same as the first game ?! What a bunch of spoiled little shits…

  14. David Gordo says:

    Stop, my penis can only get so erect.

  15. Undefeated says:

    damn!! you know its going to be a goty when a preview makes all the current and unreleased games look like trash.

  16. POVVAA says:

    Demolisher, no! He was my favorite 🙁

  17. Bob Richardson says:

    I swear to God, if they fuck this up…

  18. Simone Ciappellano says:

    Enormous battles, different soldier classes, attacking/defending fortresses, gore, unique characters, incredible nemesis system, live cinematics. Is there something better ?

  19. Jericho2014 says:

    RIP Demolisher, never forget. :'(

  20. EatitHarvey says:

    Holy Shit, did video games just do a 180. Horror games are scary again, shooters are fun again, NieR is getting the intense gameplay it deserves, and Kojima is getting his own studio. Now, this beauty comes out of nowhere and proceeds to give us all permanent boners. Is this Video Game Valhalla?

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