Official Spirited Trailer

Official Spirited Trailer

Amazing what a year’s worth of tap dance classes can do. If only Will and I took them.

Watch #Spirited in theaters November 11 and streaming on @Apple TV+ November 18.

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40 Responses

  1. Wild WikedWanderer says:

    When I saw them singing together in a short I wanted more. I didn’t expect an entire movie. I’m happy with this

  2. Mr. Mediocre Gamer says:

    I like how Ryan somehow manages to play Ryan in every movie he’s in, no matter what character they throw at him. He’s really, really devoted to playing Ryan.

  3. Keih Brown says:

    Ryan and Will is just a wonderful comedy duo

  4. BakedXavierPlympton666 says:

    I can already tell this movie is hilarious. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell is the dream team. My favorite guys that make me laugh so easily 😂I don’t even like Christmas or Christmas movies but I know I’ll like this one ❤Love the line about gender reveal parties. Peak humor that’s honest 😂😂

    • Mason Guthrie says:

      I found the gender reveal joke to be the weakest joke and a bit eye rolling to be honest. Though overall it does look really great.

    • rgm 2020 says:

      @A.I. Video Fun good triumphs over evil at xmas party = warm’n’fuzzy 🎄

    • BakedXavierPlympton666 says:

      @pudgy panda yeah personally not my thing. Not everyone likes Christmas and there’s nothing wrong with that. So thanks for the suggestion but I won’t be watching any Christmas movies except for Spirited and that’s only because of the comedy duo.

    • pudgy panda says:

      @A.I. Video Fun it’s not christmas until I see Hans Gruber fall from the nakatomi tower!!!

    • A.I. Video Fun says:

      @pudgy panda  I just can’t see how Die Hard is a Christmas movie just because it was that time of year. It’s not warm and fuzzy. 😀

  5. Creative Space says:

    How does Ryan keep finding things we never knew we needed😂

    • MrBuketman says:

      Agreed on Ryan. Will playing into another crappy half of his career. Like his appearance in The Office (one example). His other half is great. This looks like he needs a career adjustment just like many people.

    • City Beautiful Adventures says:

      Aside from Deadpool, he doesn’t like to do existing IP as he produces all of his movies (and he’s even a producer on Deadpool 3 now). He has said he likes to find new ideas to work on as it gives people new things to watch instead of the same recycled IP, he has ownership of the movies, and he stars in the movies, so he wins all around.

    • Whippedcream92 says:

      @Brainstormer623 that is not superpower (reference)

    • Brainstormer623 says:

      It’s basically his superpower.

  6. 1craley878 says:

    I can’t wait to see this, this looks so funny and the casting is perfect .

  7. Sonia’s Way says:

    Omg yes!💖
    Now this is the Christmas movie we all need!🎄
    Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in this movie together you just know it’s going to be epic!!🤩🥰
    I can see the awards for this movie already!🏆🤩💗🥰

  8. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    Ryan’s take on a chirstmas carole being turned into a musical looks like a ton of fun to watch. I can’t wait to see this in theaters when it comes out. 😀

  9. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    These guys excudes such a positive energy that they
    tends to lifts everyone’s spirits…❤….,,

  10. The Ripe Tomato Farms says:

    If this can be half as good as Elf, instant classic.

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