Official Trailer ? | Descendants 3

Official Trailer ? | Descendants 3

Mal’s fairy tale life might come to an end….

Watch Descendants 3 on Friday, August 2, 2019 on Disney Channel! (U.S.)

Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it’s up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.

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70 Responses

  1. HeyitsMeS says:

    I’m flying on august 2 ?‍♀️so sad

    • Trent Parker says:

      Me too?? I’m going to a weeding????

    • Michelle Frescoln says:

      Well you can watch it when you get back And i am a cheerleader and i might have practice on August 2nd 2019 at 8p when. Descendants 3 comes out so you are not alone.

  2. Charlie Thomas says:


    VK +AK=??

  3. James Bavolacco says:

    This is how many people already jamming out to Good to be Bad.

  4. TwinNation 4Life says:

    OMG! At the end of the trailer Mal said “I had no choice!” And then it showed her friends as stone. In one of the trailers of Celia, it said that someone is going to betray the other. And Mal probably betrayed them…

    • Megan McKnight says:

      Cunning Smile :I don’t think it’s Celia it was probably hades doing since in book 4 Celia wants to be in Auradon just as badly as Dizzy does. IAm betting it has to do with Mal having to chose between no powers forever or freeing hades to get her powers back she probably gets tricked by hades into freeing hades in order to get her powers back which is probably why she says she had no choice her powers are probably failing too much and she probably has to free hades in order to get her powers back. If Mal has no choice then her powers were probably at risk since she needs them to defend Auradon as a dragon from evil.

    • Outside the box!!! says:

      TwinNation 4Life

      Producers: well folks… looks like we have to change the hole movie…

    • Megan McKnight says:

      noelia :Sometimes Celia’s cards are wrong though according to book 4. The betrayal card actually doesn’t mean betrayal like Celia thinks. It means something else the cards have double meanings. Which is why Celia gets the meanings wrong half the time. Or at least if it does mean betrayal it wouldn’t mean Mal it would mean Hades or I made probably tricks Mal into freeing them and I think in movie 3 it’s hades because of the ending of book 4 if someone betrays Auradon it would be Hades or Uma they probably stop whoever it is at the end of movie though since Mal is in dragon form

    • Megan McKnight says:

      Giselle Espinal :it wouldn’t be Mal
      I think she just accidentally gets tricked into freeing hades or Uma or both in order to get her powers back from the ember then she ends up stopping in the end by the end of the movie.

    • Megan McKnight says:

      David :the cards also have opposite meanings Celia gets the readings wrong betrayal probably doesn’t mean Mal betrays anyone it’s probably hades or Uma or one of the other villains on the isle who wants out and they end up tricking Mal into freeing them in order for Mal to get her powers back from the ember it would have to be someone who
      Mal thinks is a friend but really isn’t and in book 4 the true villain was uma not dr facilier not Celia. Since Uma was left on the isle while hades I think escaped somehow or he switched sides since nobody can take him seriously as a villain.since in movie 2 Evie,Jay And Carlos tell Ben to be careful who to trust on the isle. And Celia says a great evil will descend on Auradon. Auradon’s greatest threat is probably hades or one of the many other villains who Auradon is a lot more scared of. But it probably gets fixed by the end of the movie like always

  5. AV Short Films says:

    Did you notice that Mal’s hair is turning gradually into Blue throughout the entire trailer? From Purple 0:06 to Purple with Blue Stripes 1:05 to Completely Blue 1:18 . It’s like she’s becoming more evil like Hades or something

    • Megan McKnight says:

      ItzGalaxy_101 :she’s looking for his ember the green stone he was holding when he took her powers. She was basically going to get her powers back which I think she gets them back since she turns into a dragon again in this movie

    • ItzGalaxy_101 says:

      @Megan McKnight That is true.

    • Megan McKnight says:

      ItzGalaxy_101 :yeah IAm guessing that’s it because I can’t figure out how else she’s able to turn into a dragon if she doesn’t eventually get her powers back at some point. I mean unless her powers just aren’t completely drained yet since her hair is still purple. But I feel like the dragon part is the end of the movie and the finally battle of good against evil.

    • MAYA HALL says:

      Did y’all notice that when her hair is purple somebody says no and when her hair is blue somebody says no coincidence I THINK NOT

    • Megan McKnight says:

      Carolyn Norelus :I think it’s just a side effect of hades ember and being affected the ember since her hair isn’t like that for a good half of the movie so I think she loses her powers for a bit then gets them back just in time for the final battle I think the price of it involves freeing Hades from The isle of the lost in order for Mal to get her powers back. I think the blue in her hair is just temporary it starts her regular color then when she’s affected by the ember it goes to almost blue then by the end when she has her powers back fully it goes back to purple again. The dragon part is probably towards the end of movie 3 when Mal has her powers back fully with no problems

  6. Yuni 114 says:

    Ben: (proposed to mal)

    Mal: (gasp)

    Audrey: NOooooo!

    Me: (jaw dropped )

    Few seconds later

    Me: (screams so loud)

  7. Emanuel Rubio says:

    *75% of the comments are about Ben’s proposal*
    *20% of the comments are about the movie’s release date*
    *5% of the comments is all about WE WISH FOR DESCENDANTS 4!*

    • Wolfie with Mr. Nerd says:

      @it’sJustAlex 27 google & youtube mah and youtube

    • Wolfie with Mr. Nerd says:

      Plus..Im kinda going psychotic about it..

    • mistyeclipse sone says:

      Besides Cameron, the main characters are getting to old to pass for teens. They’re in their early to mid 20’s which is usually when Disney has them move on. The fact that Ben proposes to Mal in the trailer is another, obvious sign of this being the last one.

    • kerry potter says:

      4th decendents

  8. jeyaaaitsroisaa says:



  9. tae's precious.22 says:

    So Ben transforms in a beast?!! Well it was about time…im so excited cant wait❤?

  10. Ammara Tariq says:

    I loved the look that everyone gave to Audrey when she said No! ??

    • Megan McKnight says:

      Ammara Tariq Ik right they’re like what is wrong with Audrey? Like why would Audrey care if Mal is queen since Mal has proven she has good in her….etc… even Chad was like what the heck.

    • krystal guzmán says:

      And her voice sounded strained like she was terribly upset?? thinking this can’t be happening ???

    • Koala Kit says:

      Ammara Tariq They Jaír look at her like BRUH WAT

    • LilT Marshall says:

      Audrey doesn’t care if she has good in her or not. She said no because she was suppose to be queen but Ben choose mal. And plus Audrey doesn’t want to have to follow mals rules. She doesn’t want to have to listen to someone she doesn’t like.

    • LilT Marshall says:

      And she might still have a soft spot for ben

  11. Emily McMillen says:

    Ben: *proposies*
    Mal: **GASPS**
    Audrey: NO

  12. Kadi Khalid AlThubiti says:

    Ben: will you be my queen.
    Me:*singing mals gonna be the queen all day*

  13. Emily Nefdt says:

    Am I the only person with a headache after watching this from happiness/the beginning?

    No just me okay…

    • Gabi Delidinkova says:

      Nope, me too, when i watched it I felt like I’m falling from the sky I almost fainted!??

  14. random person says:

    For some reason I really like how Uma said “this is a job for pirates!” Btw… I CAN’T WAIT FOR D3!!!

  15. Lil Duder says:

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Audrey: NOOOO

  16. player p says:

    Ben: *You be my queen?*

    Me: *spilled the tea. I really spilled the tea, it‘s all over my desk xD*

  17. Jess Navarro says:

    Producers: How much drama should we put in this trailer?

    Disney: YESSS

  18. Disney Descendants says:

    Ben: proposes to Mal ?
    * The internet breaks *

  19. Garet 69 says:

    Producers: yo whats the budget for the new movie

    Disney: you ever seen an old power rangers battle scene?

  20. Nic Waterfill says:

    Carlos’s outfit in the thumbnail makes it seem like he is about to travel through the Quantum Realm.

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