Official Trailer #1 | Subs in 6 Languages | BLEACH:Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 -The Separation PV

Official Trailer #1 | Subs in 6 Languages | BLEACH:Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 -The Separation PV

Time to meet Yhwach’s successor… 🏹 You already know him quite well.

#BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Part 2 — The Separation premieres July 8 at 7:30AM PT. ⚔️🔥 #Anime

Subtitles (CC) available in Español, Português, Italiano, Français, and Deutsch in addition to English. ❤️‍🔥

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36 Responses

  1. vizmedia says:

    Where to watch #BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Part 2 – The Separation in six languages this July! 👀

  2. MaddMANiak says:

    I love the fact that they’ve included Kubo’s poems in the anime

    • Brandon Spence says:

      I love that part ❤

    • Zeyon ゼヨン says:

      It was in some parts of the original anime too but very rarely

    • Brandon Spence says:

      I’m glad they respected his wishes and did it right

    • The True Squad says:

      @Zeyon ゼヨン I do not remember that and I actually did watch the movies and the filler and that one grand Fisher special… which was just what happened in the show bug slightly different 💀 where they were being called shinigamis instead of soul reapers

    • roshane says:

      @Brandon Spence why u saying it like he’s dead or somuh🤨

  3. Quetzalcóatl says:

    We went from clinging on to rumors of Bleach’s return, and now here we are watching the trailer for Part 2 and waiting for its arrival. We have come a long way Bleach fans. Less than two months away, I am hyped!

  4. Darynnell Batista says:

    Words can’t describe how insanely happy and emotional I’ve been to have been able to wait the last seven years since the manga ended to see the TYBW arc animated, and not only that but done the way KUBO wants it done with Studio Pierrot at the helm. Everyone either gets a major glow-up or gets to show how much they’ve held back in previous arcs. It wasn’t teased in depth but I THINK that near the end we see Zaraki cracking a smirk, and if that was him then diehards AND new fans might just see what a REAL Zampakuto with no limits can do. Also, WE GET TO SEE SHINJI’S BANKAI? BUT LIKE, ACTUALLY SEE IT AND WHY HE BARELY USES IT??? Nah, next Thursday can’t come fast enough I’m so amped 😭

    • toshirokano says:

      Doubt shinjis bankai is going to be actually shown. He’s using it on souldat

    • Hoodini says:

      July 8th not June 8th, sadly we must wait another month but it will go by fast

    • Kage Raion says:

      @toshirokanousing it on Soldat is the perfect scenario for him to use it.

      When we also see the close up on his eye, there is an edge of something around it, that edge is part of his Bankai

  5. Sapphire Tears says:

    It always amazes me how much BLEACH has grown/evolved. Truly a masterpiece. Thank you Kubo, Pierrot and all those involved working with BLEACH.

  6. Gautam Sarathy says:

    I’m so glad we’re getting a scene of Shinji using his Bankai for sure. I just hope we also get more Uryuu scenes, new Wandenreich scenes, new scenes at Senjumaru’s and Ichibei’s palaces, and hopefully a better showing by the Vizards in general.

    • Timjer says:

      It does seem like we’re getting new Ichibe scenes.

    • TRINININJA says:

      That’s asking for a lot

    • Gautam Sarathy says:

      ​@TRINININJAIt’s basically what we’re getting though.

    • toshirokano says:

      Probably won’t get to see it. Probably just the activation then it will cut to other fights/scenes and then it will cut back to shinji and the afternath.

      As for the Uryu scenes. Kubo said there will be a new fight. Hopefully this shinji fight isn’t it if it’s against souldat. I’d bet it’s gonna be a small fight between Uryu and ichigo at the end of the season.

    • Gautam Sarathy says:

      @toshirokano Nah, we’ll definitely see the aftermath of the Bankai activation, especially since it’s basically an echo of another scene in the light novel Can’t Fear Your Own World, down to the same line pre-activation. The only difference is that the enemies are Quincy soldat and not a mass of Hollows.

      His Bankai isn’t really meant for one-on-ones anyway and is better against masses of enemies, unlike his Shikai.

      Also, I really, really want the new full fight to be Ichigo vs Uryuu for many reasons.

  7. Thimna Mtombeni says:

    Can’t stop watching this trailer, the music, the animation, the characters, this show is such a masterpiece, what a time to be a bleach fan😭😭🔥🔥

  8. Ms. I love Big Bear Cats says:

    Fun fact: Shinji’s bankai is something that even most manga readers don’t know about! It’s was once shown in one of the novels and it was never, ever shown in the manga so it’s so hype that Kubo finally gets to properly add it now that he’s got the time and freedom to do things with the story and characters he previously wasn’t able to!!

  9. zStlewOf says:

    Estou muito ansioso para essa 2 parte, eu quero ver como vai ser essa entrada do Ishida para o lado dos quincy e também a aparição das bankais que ainda não foi mostrada. Isso vai ser insano!

  10. Shiro Neko says:

    ¡Hostias! Se me ha puesto la piel de gallina al escuchar a Shinji decir “¡Bankai!”

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