Officials give update on shooting at high school in Maryland

Officials give update on shooting at high school in Maryland

Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland, is on lockdown after a shooting there this morning, St. Mary’s County Public Schools said in a statement.

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102 Responses

  1. sonofyah2726 says:

    “Oh Brother” Here We Go Again !……Alright How Many Actors Used This Time !!!

    • Fairyviewroad says:

      sonofyah2726 – People like you … no words. You should visit the victims in the hospital. Perhaps that would make it more “real” for you.

    • Alexxflavor Thomas says:

      sonofyah2726 what the hell is wrong with you? Apparently you do not have children. If you did you DUMB ASS WOULD STFU!

    • Sydney Mathis says:

      I live 15 mins away I have been to this school watched them play my football team this is all very real I know students who have been to this school ur really messed up in the head to believe this is fake it is all to real my school was on lock down for hours

    • Wendy Aanenson says:

      sonofyah2726 lol I would tell you you’re crazy but looks like someone else did it for me. Get a life!

    • ZZH NNI says:

      im sayin

  2. Cameron Robinson says:

    Public schooling is a lost cause and dying there is a reason home schooling and private schooling is growing. Most private schools where I live in Kentucky the teachers conceal carry. Private and home schooled children have better scores and more freedom. Public schooling needs a massive overhaul in Common Sense public schooling is dying for lack of direction and leadership.

    • timmy turner says:

      Cameron Robinson can’t blame the blacks

    • jose mora says:

      I was to public school all the way to the seventh grade and then went to private eighth and up , public school hardly challenges you ( aimed toward middle and elementary as I did not attend public high school ) . Even though I was going to a “good ” school that had good ratings it sucked and was 100 percent a waste of time . For everything in 6th and 7th grade it was literally impossible to get horrible grades , you could literally get 2 test grades below 20 in math and get a mid C . That’s not average that’s I knew how to do the first step so I get partial credit . Not to mention a teacher needs to commit a felony for the school board to fire her , no matter what they teach ( or doesn’t teach ) it’s nearly impossible to fire a public school teacher that’s taught for more than three years .Not to mention I had at least two unnecessary classes called reading and language arts , where we learned nothing in both classes for the months we had to go there .But this is in Florida schools and I here they’re pretty bad but from the stories of other schools from ” better ” states it’s still not good enough . I’m pro gun but maybe the United States should try be like more like Japan who’s schools are top notch .

  3. _ Terribad _ says:

    and America continues down its path of self destruction and hatred.

    Canada will miss you

    • Dave Stawecki says:

      I didn’t realize Canadian is a race. LMFAO!!!!! Moron.

    • Ged says:

      I think your bigger concern should be misgendering someone, Canada. Lol.

    • Jameson says:

      _ Terribad _
      About 65,000 servicemembers total
      Maybe 6.5 million men fit for service
      Fleet is about 33 warships, no supercarriers (duh)
      Two Air Force divisions, operating roughly 900 aircraft, about 73 of which are fighters.
      Limited special forces.
      A support force.

    • Dante2k16Chevy says:

      Leone Kaiser Canada depends on other countries as well . Theres an act . Didn’t you take world history ?

  4. Michael Earl says:

    Charter schools. No public.

    • Cameron Sipka says:

      Michael Earl educate far fewer kids for much more money. if we eliminate public schools then charter schools become the new public school. it really is the dumbest idea.

    • Ace Diamonds says:

      charter schools get to pick and choose who they accept in. i guess not everyone deserves a free quality education.

    • Windrake101 says:

      No. Fix Public Schools. Remove many restrictions on teachers from teaching properly. Improve mental health of future students (ie. not demonizing mental/emotionally disturbed individuals as ‘bad guys’ before they even do anything bad). Religious Retards just want more people ignorant.

    • scir 91 says:

      charter schools don’t take kids who have problems.

    • American Patriot says:

      the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!! the NRA is a domestic TERRORIST group. America’s domestic enemy!!!!

  5. Demia Carter says:

    That’s it, my future children are being home schooled.

    • Third Eye Blind says:

      no name What a degenerative thing to say. You & Latrell need to leave this country if you two wanna be racist. *Sell outs.*

    • fins 71 says:

      Anzu Mazaki 30-40 in 3 months… What drugs are you smoking? Why isn’t the media reporting on the other 38 shootings? Because you’re using made up statistics from the idiots that run Every town websites? You liberals believe every little bit of crap the media feeds you just like a good little lap dog. And ask for seconds…

    • BiFuRcAt3D DuPLiCaTuS says:

      latrel allen you must be high. There are 20 black on black shootings that happened to day.

    • BiFuRcAt3D DuPLiCaTuS says:

      Anzu Mazaki If you donโ€™t value our constitution and our American value to take full responsibility for our own safety via firearms then take your communist, anti-gun retard liberal logic to North Korea or China faggot.

    • BiFuRcAt3D DuPLiCaTuS says:

      Richard Wright I think itโ€™s great that you took full responsibility to teach your own boys and now youโ€™re reaping the results of excellent parenting. I hope I can do something similar with my children.

  6. Toad Cozart #Toad squad says:

    U can make all the gun laws u want but eventually these lunatics will just find another weapon to substitute gun fire congrats youre all a bunch of sheep

    • victoria says:

      I would rather someone come at me with a knife instead of shooting me from 10ft away. It’s sad that I even have to choose tbh

    • David Othing says:

      Have you even heard of police enforcement?

    • jose mora says:

      Jessey Boe did you feel the need to use white along with the American just cause , because it’s blaming a color or sex or age group that separates people , yes many school shootings are caused by white people but it’s not the color it’s the moral that should be looked at , and if your a foreigner than your opinion doesn’t matter as this has little effect on your country .

    • Master of Skylander says:

      Wait for them to start shooting poisonous frogs

    • Genuine Rage says:

      Toad Cozart #Toad squad This is only the case because we allowed guns to be mass produced in the first place.

  7. Alex Larson says:

    And thatโ€™s what happens when good people have guns. They shoot the bad guys in the face!!! That resource officer deserves a medal!

  8. Steve T says:

    reason why armed security/police should be at ALL schools !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael Shortt says:

    No higher pay for armed teachers, focus that money towards metal detectors and school resource officers like the one who bravely did his job and put an end to that crisis.

    • $Crazy Queen$ says:

      Michael Shortt only reason I have to say the metal detectors aren’t a good all over solution for schools is the fact that some are not all connected. Like mine for example, there are different building for different classes and then the gym and cafeteria is separate as well. That’s why I DO believe that it would be a good idea to train more resource officers and even allow states to choose if the teachers may be armed. Just my two cents not trying to argue or anything ya know.

    • nicole potter says:

      Michael Shortt but these teachers would be willing to be armed and risk their lives for their students, you can’t put a price tag on their lives.

    • Anvous says:

      Michael Shortt Metal detectors would be hell
      all have to go through checking

  10. Ozzy Osbourne says:

    Brace yourselves, here comes the Alex Jones fanboys with their conspiracies…….

    • zombie blood says:

      santiago hernandez he said that it was fake because when the kids were bieng evacuated after the shooting they needed to go through the building alex jones is a nut job

    • Dane H says:

      Alex jones guys are clapping because the officer did his job.

    • Amber Anderton says:

      Isn’t it interesting that he’s calling for legal restrictions pertaining to mental health and criminal records when a 17 year old couldn’t have bought the gun legally and there is no evidence that the shooter had mental health issues or a criminal record?

    • windgroin says:


    • Arizona Skywatch says:

      Ozzy Osbourne You said it first, so you must be picking up on something sub consciously LOL

  11. Hitler And Hot Pockets says:

    Hmmmm, Maryland has some of the most strict gun laws yet this still happens maybe guns aren’t the issue and it’s mental health?

    • Marine Shtf says:

      Hitler And Hot Pockets more like it’s the shitty kids with issues is the problem

    • 0000 0000 says:

      Wrong. Officer was stationed at the school. He responded to gun shots. Not to his dispatch. Don’t make assumptions. The officer was on overwatch. Doing what he was trained to do. His response time. Has nothing to do with the police department, which did not report the incident to him. He was the one reporting the incident to his police department. Read up on what actually happened. Before making an assumption.
      If a teacher was trained to CC. 80% chance that the second shot would never have happened.

    • Robert Blackford says:

      Awkward, you dummy. This Maryland shorting came to shoot two students he had issue with. The Florida shooter wanted to shoot multiple victims. Now admit you’re wrong so you can understand the TRUTH of what happened. Go head…admit you’re wrong.

    • Walter Hendricksen says:

      Danny C. A pistol

    • Orbital Nexus says:

      mbelma6329 our gun laws are not strict lmao

  12. crzy J says:

    And I bet the gun man was a crazed lunatic like every single mass shooter out there. Start blaming these people for their actions and stop this bullshit gun control protests.

  13. R A H U L R A J A N says:

    It has become a trend now to shoot inside the high school.

    • Justlucky11 says:

      @amandabelg503 And why was it not considered a mass shooting? I want to know how your brain works.

    • Rob Lussier says:

      JDmsz Its actually because you hold it sideways, with both eyes closed while trying to hold up yo’ pants.

    • CM Punk says:

      IKR the middle school students are the bastards.

    • Endangered Mexican says:

      R A H U L R A J A N thats the only area where you can get 2 gold chests with chug jugs and a scarr

    • eman6343 says:

      Liverpool 32 it actually does serve a purpose in saying that..high school shootings are becoming a trend. Just like how eating tide pods became a trend. So stop acting ignorant and realize that these โ€œtrendsโ€ are only motivating the next teen to bring a gun to a school.

  14. AeroPwnX says:

    *It starts at home, I blame the parents.* _Upbringing isnโ€™t only responsible for the good kids, upbringing is responsible for the bad ones too._ *The truth hurts far less than it does to relive our painful failures.*
    I guarantee that if we put the pictures the parents on the media and labeled them as the responsible party (which they are) that school shootings would drop by at least 80% in the near future. Every parent would rush home and have a much needed long conversation with their children.

    • Jessey Boe says:

      How come POC americans dont do this? Majority of school shooters are WHITE MALES. Poc have hella abusive childhoods. Especially black kids yet america never seems to care. All these poc kids dying left and right from GUNS because they were raised that way, and no one ever cared. Where was all this talk about “it starts at home” when they were getting shot? Where was all the talk about gun laws when people in low income, poverty filled neighborhoods were getting shot?

    • Arizona Skywatch says:

      They want you to think that way.

    • Roberto Lopez says:

      Wow, way to wait until all the facts are out. So glad you’re here to tell us how to handle things.

    • Open your mind says:

      You just have no idea…Lots of kids have developmental issues, born on drugs, or have adopted parents that try to get help and it is either not available or ineffective. Kids can get guns from unlicensed dealers or other irresponsible gun owners and parents might not even know. Face facts, too many guns, violent media and bullying culture.

  15. Lucilferๅฎ‰ๅ“ฅๆ‹‰ says:

    Let me guess…. The shooter was white and had mental issues and got bullied? Cliche asf and predictable.

    • Luckiluxzio says:

      I knew the kids younger sister, her mother was a couselor at my elementary school, kinda wierd, my brother knew the kid personally. He was surprised to find out who it was.

    • Butters Stotch says:

      Luckiluxzio I won’t be surprised if anyone killed somebody … Everyone has evil, it’s weather or not they will use that to harm others. This kid decided to

    • $Crazy Queen$ says:

      Lucilferๅฎ‰ๅ“ฅๆ‹‰ that’s like saying cancer, something so serious, well known and commen, is cliche af…

    • ThatOneNepeta says:


    • CM Punk says:

      Well it’s easier for white people to get guns and black people don’t go to school that much so the race shouldn’t matter.

  16. SneakyZombie says:

    the good guy with the gun stopped this. I wish the resource officer in Parkland, Florida would have fought like this one so 17 kids werenโ€™t killed. Praying for the victims involved.

  17. Robbie Underwood says:

    I just want to send a sincere THANK YOU to the officer who ended this harrowing event and prevented mass casualties.

  18. Chris Loss says:

    They wanna declare martial law, Don’t listen to these fake news outlets!! They wanna disarm everyone
    “Manipulation and fear to control the public”

    • timmy turner says:

      Chris Loss can’t blame the blacks

    • Nancy Junte Deering says:

      Guns are not the problem. I’m an old lady and I have watched this happen over the years. First we sue the school for making children behave and study. Next was taking children away from their parents when they make them behave. How many of you have seen an out of control child in the store and blamed their parents for not stopping it. And if they did swat the child how many grabbed their phones to report the parent. We are all products of our own making and environment. People need to stop letting the news, politicians and so forth from making decisions on how we are going to live and raise our children. Use that thing God put on our shoulders. Then and only then will things get better and schools become safe again.

    • Davitski P says:

      Don’t worry we’re not going to turn in our guns. I don’t know why the left thinks we will cooperate with that.

  19. Chris Chiampo says:

    Valiant Job to the Resource Officer This Officer Should Be Commended And A Case Study Of His Actions Done To Further Facilitate This Type Of Action as Needed in the Future Praise To The Officer For Doing His Job ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Serial Killer says:

      I disagree a little bit I mean it is their job I don’t get anything extra for what I do and I do some stuff for people that they don’t even notice behind the scenes so just my opinion

    • Square Circle says:

      Roger Stoned it doesn’t matter what type of firearm a shooter has, a Glock or Beretta can do the same thing as an AR-15. AR-15s are the civilian version of a military assault rifle and it shoots bullets like any other firearm, people are prejudice against it because of it’s look and style.

    • Susan Slater says:

      Robert Blackford You have no idea that he came to shoot one person. He did shoot two. If she were with others he would have probably shot more. Either way, he was in a school with a gun. That alone has bad intensions! Jesus, are you justifying the shooter?! Kudos to the officer! Maybe the shooter would have shot more people up. and maybe the victims might have died or will die. Who knows yet if they will. Wtf is wrong with this world?! Get over the fact Dems lost, stop being a sheople!

    • Fuentes says:

      Chris Chiampo he was doing his job.. Give everyone a medal when they do their fucking job why not..

    • T-rekt dinosaur says:

      Chris Chiampo woah I never hear those words

  20. Joshua Meek says:

    Finally a resource officer that did what they where paid to do.

    • ytmndan says:

      Roger Stoned Not indoors.

    • Jared Mccaffrey says:

      you’re a special kind of stupid, I suppose you think the officer should’ve just let him keep killing kids because fuck it, it’s immoral to kill kids. LOGIC FAM.

    • Dont Assume My Gender!!! says:

      Isnt it funny how this isnt breaking news? Since dozens of children werent killed and a good guy saved the day with a gun CNN and the rest of the news channels have little to nothing to report about

    • ytmndan says:

      Dont Assume My Gender!!! What? Itโ€™s not? When I opened up YouTube, the main page had a โ€œBreaking Newsโ€ section and literally every single video in that section was related to this shooting. So how do you figure it isnโ€™t โ€œBreaking Newsโ€?

    • Dont Assume My Gender!!! says:

      ytmndan yes on youtube. Dont you see at all a difference with the other shootings that happened? I sure do. Nobody has really said anything today. The news kind of just sweeps it under the rug and its because they dont have any juicy stories. Are we gonna have a protest after this one? Probably not. Guess why? 1. The big black โ€œassault weaponโ€ wasnt used. And 2. guy was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

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