OFFLINETV $25,000 SQUID GAME ft. Hasan, Larray, Newt, & More

OFFLINETV $25,000 SQUID GAME ft. Hasan, Larray, Newt, & More


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30 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    Thanks so much to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to to get a 2-year plan, plus 1 additional month with a huge discount.
    Leave your $Cashtag in the comments below for a chance to win a piece of the $22,500 prize pot, and thanks to Cash App for supporting OTV Squid Game 🤑

  2. Skooch says:

    I love how you can just tell who Brodin is even when he wears a mask because he’s like 7’2

  3. MythrodakTV says:

    that toast play was the most epic thing ive ever seen

    • Starry Sky says:

      @md jashim the thing is poki also knew about that video and in that vid it discussed how to win with 20 marbles. Toast knew that people might do their own research on how to win squid game and that particular video was the popular one to watch.

      He knew people would be wanting to play that marbles game but what they didnt know is that the strategy changes with 30 marbles.

      Toast outplayed them.

    • Starry Sky says:

      @Rishi YT Toast’s strength is math. He’s been doing probability math since Among Us. That’s why he was able to come up with the riddle about Corpse and Tina being impostors so fast in that one game

    • Yuu Gael says:

      @Starry Sky His math skill predate his among us era, he’ been doing math since hearthstone era where counting dmg and strategizing around the calc is very important in winning most matches.

    • Rishi YT says:

      @Starry Sky Ok I think some of my comments are getting deleted by bots. Point is that he is good at social deduction games but I don’t think he is anywhere near a math university student in terms of math. I would say more but I’m not sure what phrase/word is triggering the auto-deletion bots

    • Umbra says:

      Everyone is saying how big brain watching a YouTube video and changing the numbers to trick someone else is. If it was really big brain it would have been for every marble not just 30 since if the other team has even one marble they can refuse to play any game that isn’t all or nothing just like in the show.

  4. Bianca Bajarias says:

    Poki’s struggled “help” at the end before Hassan picked the bowl up for her 🤣

  5. Eilynn Ip says:

    You can still see the defeat in Scarra’s eyes after being scammed despite him smiling through it all xD $morumo

    • LuckyGnome says:

      You can see the defeat in the teammates’ eyes too for passively agreeing with the Scarra.😂😂 such good entertainment

  6. Mahlon Phillips says:

    I love how naturally these people can come together and actually make this a interesting watch with really hilarious moments like scarra’s face when they lost and also epic moments like toast knowing poki’s strat, just overall a good vid 🙌🏾

  7. Mike oliver says:

    The least realistic part is I’m pretty sure Michael is already running some kind of squid game in the offline tv house.

    • LuckyGnome says:

      I think Michael was the main player at the start because he is the most similar to the main character in the original squidgame in terms of looks and relatability. Brodin is the most similar to the character he plays in terms of looks and real job.

  8. Gatsby says:

    “Inspired by Squid Game, but not exactly the same”


  9. xx christian xx says:

    Poki: Did you get your sub?
    Scarra: Yeah
    Poki: What did it cost?
    Scarra: Everything ☹️

  10. Sonia’s Way says:

    Janet’s “Ahhh HE’S TOUCHING ME” killed me lmao

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