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34 Responses

  1. Xuying Pan says:

    They put Michael alone because they were scared that if he had a few more hands he would have made a working pirate ship, classic michael

  2. Math Dantas Tav says:

    I love how michael by far made the best boat there, but he couldn’t be satisfyed with just beeing the best, he needed to be remembered, and even though his inovation failed, itll be remembered as the most epic boat ever

    • Samya Roy says:


    • Vince :D says:

      IKR! He’s a legend for that, he could’ve easily won if he used paddle because his boat was that practical, but he instead decided to be innovative for content, if it succeeded it would be amazing, if not, it’ll still be funny af, and he didn’t care at all that he lost time helping others, he’s such a vibe!

    • Tortilla Chips says:


  3. RyBread says:

    The Jody, Lily, Toast team had me hyped when they picked up a door; followed swiftly by an abundance of panic when they suggested cutting down a hollow-core door.

  4. justanother Bystander says:

    Syd stance while paddling is just too funny

  5. John Dickerhoff says:

    The fact that they had to keep Michael by himself is just proof of his sheer power. The man cannot be stopped

  6. Vanillabean says:

    11:16 Michael already knew Lily wouldn’t survive operating construction tools but seeing her reaction after he turned it on for a second just reconfirmed his fears and he immediately told her “NO” when she tried to take it back lol

  7. Jullia Capybara says:

    the fact that michael was put alone for a team and he still had to help the others lmao

  8. Infin8cosmo says:

    The genuine fear in Michael’s eyes when Lily tries to use power tools. 😂

  9. Raffu says:

    Mahn IDEK why, but Sydney paddling on the raft she made with John and Scarra feels like a life lesson to me 😭👏

  10. CG Sze says:

    Michael is on an entire different level of this challenge

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