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47 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    WOW what should we try next time???????

  2. Davis McClure says:

    This better just be them silently drinking water for a little over 10 minutes

  3. Rage says:

    Same here Michael! I pour out half the bottle before drinking it 😂

  4. Sir Khamelot says:

    I gotta say, I gotta give props to Brodin. The efforts he puts in video, but also making sure his friends is having a good time.

  5. Stonk says:

    This is the most groundbreaking and riveting content that OfflineTV has ever made. Truly an innovative group of content creators

    • Nhn says:

      @un mec français haha u r right maybe i am a big dumbass 🙁

    • un mec français says:

      @Nhn it’s a video about guessing brands of bottled water

      where do you see the groundbreaking element in that

    • jen ツ says:

      @Nhn common sense lol. it’s not the first time someone says something sarcastically in that manner. it’s sad that I have to explain this

    • Drear Mouse says:

      Drinking.. water?
      Am I getting old or is it the kids who are wrong…? Lolz.

    • Nhn says:

      @jen ツ how do I know that was a sarcasm? The above commentor said this like he meant it

  6. Sinister 64 says:

    Lol John spilling his cup of water while examining it caught me off guard. Gotta love the OTV vids, they make the simplest things entertaining, and that is why I love them.

  7. Daniel says:

    8:30 is the absolute best moment of the video. I don’t know if Jodi realized she said that out loud but her reaction to being called out is hilarious.

  8. Whitened Phoenix says:

    Oh sick good to see Michael actually drinking water instead of oil.

    • Captain Obvious. • 29 years ago says:

      it’s so crazy to see what the gallons upon gallons of crude oil has done to him

  9. Crusade Boi says:

    This was intense and heart stopping. In my 13 years of existence I’ve never seen something so dramatic. The plot twist when it turns out it was Dasani twice in a row, my god. The scene when Michael exposes Nestlé and then proceeds to expose himself for drinking Nestlé. I cant wait for the second season where Kirkland Signature shows up. Thank you Offline TV for this intense show.

    • Nikushimi says:

      @shini indeed, this is truly the video I have ever watched, and it is indeed also comparable to the movie of all time called Morbius starring mikel morbius, where the plot is about a morber morbing doctor who gains morbing powers and morbs everyone, your comment has inspired me and it reminded me that these two entertaining footages are the of all time

    • shini says:

      highly comparable to the experience of being morbed by the cinematic masterpiece starring mikel morbus

    • HSB Vex says:

      Bruh, spoilers

    • Brandon Reyes says:

      Same 😂

  10. Glarses says:

    I hate that my mind really went ‘this sounds like a very interesting video, *click*’

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