which “would you rather” was the worst?
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36 Responses

  1. Phil Squishem says:

    Michael’s honest, genuine excitement to beat the shit out of kids is dad of the year material

  2. Toodles _07 says:

    “Take that you Canadian” has got to be the funniest and most relevant comeback by a person who has defeated Toast at trivia

  3. jisatsu says:

    the pure look of horror on michael’s face when he genuinely asked “is there cum in this” had me sob laughing for 10 minutes, bro was petrified😭💀 29:42

  4. breadbard says:

    The production value in these videos keeps increasing and it’s great. I hope over time Brodin fully embraces his role as a supervillain gameshow host.

  5. Eric Sechrist says:

    Man, when Brodin said “I love you guys!” It was both the most sincere and the most sinister thing that I’ve heard all day.

  6. DrNickatnyte says:

    This is by far the best OTV video I have ever seen. Brodin, you’ve broken them in more ways than even the U.S. military does to new recruits. I tip my hat. Hope for many more shoots like this.

    Also, Toast at 31:04 is what pure physical and mental defeat and misery looks like.

  7. Merina Lynn says:

    the fact that brodin just got a bunch of random ass people show up to torture otv is absolutely phenomenal

    • aRekt says:

      I’m pretty sure Brodin is a socipath in handsome disguise

    • Ryan phelps says:

      I was thinking family members, less expensive and easy to say “act like These arent your nephews, cousins, nieces, siblings etc etc …. Those kids were funny as hell but didnt act like agency kids ​@ijustwantedtocomment butnowIgottamakeachannel

    • ijustwantedtocomment butnowIgottamakeachannel says:

      @emmily6110  so most models, influencers, and actors work under a talent agency and get assigned an agent who helps find sponsorships, jobs,auditions, and negotiate contracts. The talent agency will usually collect a fee or a portion of the talents pay.

      This helps save the person time and energy they could be using for other productive things like memorizing lines, making content, editing videos, and etc.

      Offline tv is a content org made up of streamers/friends where each member has their own agency for their personal stuff.

    • ~Emmily~ says:

      @ijustwantedtocomment butnowIgottamakeachannel theres a talent agency??

    • ijustwantedtocomment butnowIgottamakeachannel says:

      To burst your bubble a bit. Brodin probably went to one of the OTV member’s talent agency and asked for any child actors or adults available to work for a short shoot.

  8. Jinkr says:

    I never imagine I’d watch lily and michael drink toilet water together

    • Jorge L. Quiroz says:

      There must be 3 or 4 people out there super stoked about their fanfics coming to life in this video.

  9. alana says:

    brodin is really testing his limits in this video. the moment toast, yvonne and scarra got on their hands and knees i lost it

  10. luke robinson says:

    Toasts ability to show no emotion, but somehow radiate a visible shell of defeated sad bewilderment is amazing😂💚

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