Special Thank You to @TheYardPodcast for joining us for this one 😈. This is our second time hiring Eddie to act for us.

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40 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    R.I.P. Eddie
    Eddie was a paid actor hired to prank The Yard. We never thought he’d be fired first cup. There was so much more planned for him to trick The Yard. At this rate, Eddie will be in Shang-chi 2 before Toast.

  2. Ethan Kohl says:

    Michael’s face when he sprayed the beer. Sheer determination to squeeze every ounce of satisfaction out of it. I’m dead laughing.

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

      Don’t read my name••

    • AudibleKnight says:

      Holy crap I was crying tears I was laughing so hard. It just kept going and then he put his finger on the hole when she turned and pointed at him, only to let go and keep spraying. MVP bit imho.

    • Will .B says:

      Time stamp for whoever wants it, 40:18

    • Death says:


    • Drunkenmonky Pat says:

      @Will .B broo i was like yeah lets watch the scene again, but 40:18? that timestamp cant be right, that vid was like 15 min long. Than i looked at the video length i just watched, oh boy

  3. OTM Eclipse says:

    I love that the yard is actually just a bunch of college graduates pretty much and OTV is just looking at them like “why are we letting the guests 1-up us”

  4. SamSee says:

    The Challenge: _“Fire an Intern”_
    Ludwig: **does a whole-ass exit interview**

  5. Lucas Lipp says:

    Bro, poor Syd. She absolutely carried her team.

    Also, Brodin’s one shot was a masterpiece.

  6. Ryou says:

    OTV brings the weird, uncomfortable concepts, and The Yard takes them an extra step too far. Truly a match made in heaven

  7. CallMeConvay says:

    I love that The Yard took like half the challenges and were like “fuck it I’ll try anything once” even though they didn’t have to do them.

  8. Michael Player says:

    Petition to bring back Eddie he was a innocent soul

  9. Adithya Sriram says:

    The fact that yvonne has been punished with SOME form of face painting in EVERY SINGLE fear pong video is fascinating

  10. 3choJack says:

    Aidens energy this video is MONSTROUS💀

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