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33 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    Thanks for watching!!

    ✨🌟🌠All aboard the Honkai: Star Rail! Download here:

  2. Autumn Chiu says:

    peter writing “ass thicc” for “aesthetic” is the most clutch move i’ve ever seen

  3. Shiakari says:

    Final answer: “Gremlin hates director”

    Also the final round where John and Sydney devolved into making monkey noises was hilarious bahaha

  4. Garrett says:

    Toast helping his team taking off pieces of clothing- yet halfway through the vid he still has everything on

  5. snicks says:

    I like how every time they do an art video Brodin just makes it absolute suffering instead of the peaceful lets express our feelings that Lily wants. Poor Lily.

  6. CG Sze says:

    Don’t know how Brodin has managed to make every otv art-related video a nightmare for Lily

  7. elronfroghunter says:

    michael, peter and john are the most chaotic trio and i’m all here for it

  8. Kham Alstatt says:

    Sydney ” You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.”
    Lily ” OK, Sydney”
    Sydney ” IM SO UPSET “

  9. Subbiah Lakshmanan says:

    John shouting “I WAS GOING TO DRAW A BUNCH OF HABITS, OKAY?” all affronted absolutely killed me.

  10. mrCroaker_ says:

    Michael looking at the camera like a cartoon character breaking the 4th wall asking whats a pictionary is hilarious 😂

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