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OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra |
Pokimane |
LilyPichu |
Disguised Toast l
Michael Reeves l
QuarterJade |
Masayoshi |
Sydeon |

Special Guests:
Doublelift |
QTCinderella |
Hikaru Nakamura |

Produced / Directed by:
Brodin |

Shot by:
Brodin |

Edited by:
Dunois |

YT Managed by:
Dunois |

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48 Responses

  1. QuarterJade says:

    AHHHHH super excited to be here, can’t wait for the content we are going to create together 🥺🤍

    to OTV!!! 🥂

  2. OfflineTV says:

    🕹️ Download Now for FREE:

  3. Jonathan Stone says:

    Toast as the creepy, sexist, possibly racist employer-role is gold 😂.

  4. C Lau says:

    “Gotta be on your toes if you wanna work here. Please have a seat.”

    I love it.

  5. Marx says:

    MIchael to Hikaru: “smart people intimidate me”

  6. McGliga says:

    Pretty sure Toasts joke for John was supposed to be “do you know what the Japanese did to my people in ww2” or something along those lines but he couldn’t fucking do it which I find even funnier

  7. MiYaMa says:

    I love Lily’s insider “Who named you?”, never gets old.

  8. Exediron says:

    “The baby is also racist”

    Best line of the whole thing! xD

  9. Armin Abdi says:

    Michael, Toast, and John together are going to be so good.

  10. NoodleGuy98 says:

    Michael: “smart people intimidate me”. This is why he works out so much, he’s trying to get bigger so his reflection doesn’t intimidate him.

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