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31 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

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  2. Valkyrae says:

    i can now say i had poki licking whip cream off my hands. im so lucky

  3. MonarchsFactory says:

    The total lack of explanation when Rae walked in dressed as a flapper was impeccable

  4. RiceArt says:

    Miyoung missing everyball, never attempted to swing, and with a serious face is just too hilarious

  5. Athena Mitchell says:

    This whole video was hilarious, I died at Poki silently getting pelted in the crotch and Miyoung just standing there in ready position knowing full well that she wasn’t gonna hit any of them

  6. vers vsse says:

    We need another OTV Silent library but with Toast, Scarra, John, Michael, Sykkuno and Peter. That would be hillarious!

  7. Emroseee Pcn says:

    I love how John has suffered so much embarrassing moments since joining OTV. I love everyone including the two lovely cameos. Miyoung got me laughing so hard. Effortless Love you guys

  8. Sarah Puckett says:

    Miyoung not even attempting to swing for a ball was everything. I was crying. Rae looked like she loved every single second of the gang getting slapped by Lily. And Lily was definately feeling it by the last round. No guilt left whatsoever.

  9. Abdiel says:

    Top quality content right here! Toast saying “Do it bitch” to then cracking up and saying “I’m sorry” because Lily was winding up a big slap had me dying. You guys are just too funny. Shout out to Brodin and to everyone else on the video. Good job!

  10. Sven Georgino says:

    Lily with everyone else: “no i don’t wanna slap you”
    Lily with yvonne: “come on let me slap you”

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