It was literally 120° out 🔥
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30 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    Level up your tech accessories with Casetify and go to today to save 15% off your order!
    T-1 video before Japan!!!

  2. Jaeger says:

    The reward should have been a punishment for all the members who chickened out

  3. CuzImShort says:

    Syd was soooo sweet and patient with Jodi. What a good friend. Her and Michael were beasts in the courses tho. Plz, let’s see the other OTV members try this.

  4. Daniel O'Connell says:

    Love how Michael puts more work into otv channel than his own

  5. Quan Pham says:

    Props to Jodi for completing the courses even though she has a fear of heights, and for the crew for completing this in 120° weather

    • Janjeikobu says:

      usually once you’re on the course itself, it becomes a physical challenge with all the balancing and the mental strain goes away because you’d be too wrapped up in the challenge to think about the heights, you know? i have a debilitating fear of heights, i can’t even stand by ledges because i get sick but i tried one of these once and i gotta say it was an absolute blast!

  6. Potet says:

    Even as a professional climber this shit would still knock me about with that heat, massive props to all of them for doing this especially Michael for doing that 3rd stage. Hands must’ve been sore after that one haha.

  7. J3U says:

    Michael is straight up a ninja warrior at this point

    • Patro 717 says:

      Yeah i mean what the fuck was that at 12:22 ?!!

    • jq says:

      not hard when you weigh 80lbs

    • Owlman145 says:

      I know this is a meme, but he was still pretty slow, I’m not physically fit but I can and have done such courses much faster. Then again I basically grew up in trees. Point being ninja warriors are the same, they would speedrun such a course so fast.

    • Jackie Chan says:

      Petition for them to host a ninja warrior event xD

    • Bud The Cyborg says:

      @Mikkel_lofvall Michael Reeves is the reason people need to be worried about an AI going mad and exterminating humanity.
      “AI Can Only Fulfill Its Programming” gives me no comfort for the future.

  8. eter nium says:

    syd and michael carrying their teams like a 🐐

  9. The Only Wayne says:

    Michael is in his element. He don’t fear the course, the course fears him.

  10. e paige says:

    The teams were chosen well – if it was Michael & Syd on the same team there’s be no competition.

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