Offset – Quarter Milli ft. Gucci Mane

Offset – Quarter Milli ft. Gucci Mane

Watch the official Music Video for “Quarter Milli ft. Gucci Mane” by Offset.

Stream/Download “FATHER OF 4” Album ft. “Quarter Milli”:

Directed by ALFY (@alfy2trill)
Creative Directed by Offset & Joseph Desrosiers Jr.
Producer: Sara Lacombe & Vanda Lee
Director of Photography: Anthony Kimata
Costume Design: Rasheeda Ameera
Editor: Keoni Marcelo
Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker

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#Offset #FatherOf4 #QuarterMilli

Music video by Offset performing Quarter Milli. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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65 Responses

  1. Rafael Gomez Marquez says:

    Offset tiene mucho flow, incluso bailando, Saludos desde España!!

  2. Sheila AM SheiShei says:

    Lit ayeeeeee bangerrrrrr??????????

  3. Andres Caiced says:

    Old gucci would have killed this beat….wtf happnd to fat gucci

  4. ManLikeAirdem says:

    Damn its long time ago i heard “its guuccii, hah”

  5. kuzey güney says:

    The Rapper with the best Flow ?OFFSET?

  6. Scofields1828 says:

    I love Offset coming in with his classic flow, this video is way more creative than booty shaking

  7. badboy Dash says:

    Offset is killing it????

  8. Charlie Sink says:

    Imagine a takeoff verse over this beat

  9. Litty Vibes says:

    Offset BEST OF MIGOS♥️♥️♥️

  10. Litty Vibes says:

    Old SCHOOL mode ????️?️

    • Louis Jackson says:

      I don’t remember any old school rappers making does noises he raps like cardi this was stupidiana

    • buie9277 says:

      +Matthew Foss totally agree!! What the fuck are all these weird noises about anyway? I see even J Cole, whom I love, is even following this stupid trend to keep up with all these ‘new’ school rappers he claims not to respect (their mumble music). Why copy this trend then? Go listen to ‘Middle Child’ by J Cole.

    • Osas says:

      Litty Vibes it’s not old school lol, this beyond that

    • Osas says:

      Matthew Foss the video retard, you ain’t listen to any 70s and 80s rap I’ve heard worse

    • Osas says:

      buie9277 it’s a trend, they know what’s good. James Brown invented ad libs

  11. Billy Ward says:

    Whos here before 1 million views…Offset and Gucci straight ? ? ? ?

  12. Alvaroespañolitoxd 03 says:

    I’m the only one who seems similar Dutch van der line clothes to offset

  13. Niko Mirga says:

    Here before it hit 10 million views?????

  14. Isaiah Israel says:

    Offset looking like Michael Jackson smooth criminal.?

  15. Solo Today says:

    Offset slowly showing everybody how he the best migo

  16. Demetrius Thuggin says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying diz but offset album better than takeoffs kinda

  17. Daja Montgomery says:

    Offset done did it again??

  18. BIG AK74 says:

    Offset shot down takeoff wit this album

  19. Seiha Studios says:

    this video is crazy ?? one day I hope to be as good ??

  20. Samir Avdovič says:

    Migos the only people who make decent trap rap

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