Offset – Red Room (Official Music Video)

Offset – Red Room (Official Music Video)

Watch the official Music Video for “Red Room” by Offset.

Directed by Aisultan Seitov
Creative Direction by Offset & Joseph Desrosiers Jr.
Produced by Yulia Safonova and Yelzhan “Jannibiss” Bissenbayev
Executive Producers Timur Smagulov and Patrick Michael
Video Commissioner Kevin Kloecker
Director of Photography Xiaolong Liu
Edited by Miles Trahan
VFX by Max Colt & Frender and Iskander Utebayev
Colorist Jaime O’Bradovich

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Music video by Offset performing Red Room. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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64 Responses

  1. Ozi Tripolovsky says:

    AISULTAN one of the best directors! Great talent! ??

  2. Keith H says:

    Offset was speaking facts and watch something happen to him because he was speaking the truth

  3. Samuel Jones says:

    This goes hard can’t wait for the album ???

  4. SHIVAM TIWARI says:


  5. Principal Skinner says:

    Takeoff and Quavo’s albums were disappointing but I have a feeling Offset gon drop some fire! ?

  6. althea smith says:

    I see the migos as 1 please people do not spit division.. all 3 of them are amazing.. they are one..

  7. Awaken Mindz says:

    Offset will create separation with this Album????

  8. TimpersDesigns says:

    Who was part of the gang that listened to this song before it got deleted a few months back? ??

  9. yugi1986 thunderdragon says:

    Wow this song is amazing and the Beats is hard

  10. Roam says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Migos, but this was beautiful, and the song was great too.

  11. A G says:

    Durisimo ??
    Reportensen los latinos


    Who else been heard the song?

  13. Rooster D says:

    Seems like there is deeper meaning to this song song debate on comment please


    This song is deep asf….it hits home

  15. Jonas Gavin says:

    Offset just proved he better than quavo and takeoff??

    • Youssef Molly Swagg says:

      Takeoff best voice and flow
      Offset best verses
      Quavo best hook
      Everyone has his qualitiesc

    • S4MU3L says:

      Yes Offset its Fire

    • BigHomie Mani says:

      Nah they all good they make sound better all together

    • Dominic Purdie says:

      Youssef Molly Swagg I agree with u I always tell ppl they got their own individual talent takeoff just got the flow and like bars, offset be having the stickiest lyrics he just got the best verses, and yes I know for quavo he more than just hooks but if you a real migos fan that’s wat u see quavo as hooks

  16. Jasmine Clarence Baron says:

    Nice beat, chill vibe, lyrical, but still bars, this is a masterpiece? Can’t wait for the album

  17. willie triplett says:

    Video is deep ?? offset changed after that car crash . This video is a representation of a rebirth of offset in the car crash scene !!!

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    Offset = Like
    Quavo = Reply

  19. S. Carter says:

    Wow. They’re just putting thier devil worship n illuminati transition right in front for our viewing pleasure. They dont ven try to hide it anymore.

    • Ren Steven says:

      Wow. You’re just putting your idiocy online for all of us to see. You’re not even trying to hide it anymore

    • Jamiah williams says:

      Man ain’t in no damn illuninati

    • ODD FUTURE says:

      Y’all sound dumb asf If y’all don’t believe that ALL major celebrities are in deep with that shit. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Uzi, thugga, and trippi threw all that shit in our faces and y’all niggas are too gullible to realize what’s going on.

    • Grey Alien says:

      +ODD FUTURE they can literally look up a bunch of people getting arrested for pedophile rings.

    • Jackson Crowder says:

      Nah they just want dumbass ppl like you too comment about that shit so they get more views smh

  20. Τραβης Σκοτ says:

    Like if offset is the best of migos

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