Offset Screams Like Ric Flair While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Offset Screams Like Ric Flair While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Offset—one-third of hip-hop’s hottest group, Migos—is a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling artist with a brand-new album, Father of Four, out now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Atlanta rapper trades in his usual lemon-pepper flats for the infamous wings of death. As he ducks and weaves through the barrage of heavyweight hot sauces, Offset breaks down his cereal obsession, explains how Ellen helped him buy a new Bentley truck, and unleashes some iconic ad libs.



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58 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Need a remix of Offset’s hot sauce ad libs, stat!

    • Charles Stubenvoll says:

      +xXEmanuelXx thats funny. More pop/rock, but funny none the less.

    • Martin Escola says:

      Bring Mr. Bill, that guy Is awesome and weird and a great music maker

    • Jonald Pump says:


    • MsK Tee says:

      Offset onset of the Hot Ones (HOT!)
      Eating them wings burned his damn tongue! (BURN’IN!)
      Drippin’ on wings he got all the sauce (DRIP DRIP!)
      Threw in the towel..picked it back up like damn boss! (BOSS!)
      Back against the wall gave Sean the mean stare (SEAN!)
      Wings had him screaming like Ric Flair (WOOOOO YEAH!) ??

    • Eric Sanito says:

      How come yall ain’t eating from the SAME bottle? You guys don’t wanna eat your own sauce? Yall tryna kill nggas I don’t know why ANYbody would come on this show. #FuckYall

  2. Bué de Vídeos says:

    damn Offset is Everywhere lately

  3. masessum1 says:

    Awesome job pulling Offset back in and not quitting…Sean’s the best!

  4. RSGalaxyshark says:

    Still the best series on youtube

  5. Karthik Sesham says:

    Offset coulda just ate his ice to cool down

  6. Jiren says:

    Get Barack Obama on the show that would be legendary!

  7. Nate K says:

    Offset literally doing every single YouTube show in 2 months lol

  8. i u r i says:


    -Elon Musk
    -Leonardo DiCaprio
    -Tom Hanks
    -Samuel L. Jackson
    -Steve Carell
    -Aaron Paul
    -Ryan Reynolds
    -Seth MacFarlane
    -Donald Glover
    -Stranger Things cast
    -Game Of Thrones cast
    -Robert Downey Jr.
    -The Rock
    -Chris Pratt
    -Tom Holland
    -Will Smith
    -Margot Robbie
    -Dave Chapelle
    -Kendrick Lamar
    -Joey Bada$$
    -Denzel Curry
    -Tyler, The Creator
    -Travis Scott
    -Cardi B
    -Billie Eilish
    -Tom Hardy
    -Jason Bateman
    -Bradley Cooper
    -Jonah Hill
    -Thimothée Chalamet
    -Liza Koshy
    -David Dobrik
    -Joe Rogan
    -Aziz Ansari

    Feel free to give more suggestions
    And tell me who you like the most and the least out of the list

  9. No Jason says:

    *The lineup So Fresh & Crispy No Cap* ?

  10. Jake Medeiros says:

    Sean awkwardly trying to hand Offset a pen is my favorite thing

  11. Geyser Kist says:

    This show really makes me change my opinion on these celebrities. In the most positive way!

  12. Ian123 Wilson says:

    Sean is the only person who would ask Offset about his data analytics thats why he is the best interviewer

  13. Soheil says:

    yall almost killed offset. you’d be hearing from migos lawyers the next day.

  14. William Kirkpatrick says:

    Sean: You don’t have to if you don’t want to
    Offset: Nah I’m straight

  15. J C says:

    Bet any money his crew on the side laughing their ass off….quavers and takeoff probably watching this and dying.????

  16. T. T. says:

    First person i’ve ever seen not take the extra dab on Wing 10

  17. TheDrogba777 says:

    He just sticks his tongue into the water lmao

  18. I'm cool says:

    Offset is super charismatic and intelligent …. I judged a book by its cover …. lesson learned

  19. Jaik Star says:

    Offset talks like a regular person, I’m suprised

  20. De'Aaron Fox says:

    19:41 lmaoo i never noticed that guy’s face ???

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