Oh mother… | Family Feud

Oh mother… | Family Feud

Steve called this jaw dropping moment from Family Feud “The greatest television that won’t be seen.” Is it the worst answer ever? Judge for yourself…

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20 Responses

  1. Fuzzy Puppet says:

    What were the other answers?

  2. John Lang says:

    Sheila recently fired back and said, “Sorry, Steve Harvey. My answer was
    not the worst, there were worse answers”

    When asked for an example, she couldn’t think of any.

  3. Joseph Voves '16 says:

    Ma, Mum, Madre

  4. Chantel F says:

    steve harvey is hilarious

  5. Tyrell Ingram says:


  6. Cory Easley says:

    At a certain point, it stopped being funny, and seriously started to worry

  7. Cristian Waugh says:

    Wow How dumb. I just would’ve said “Nana” it’s that easy.

  8. Javi Flores says:


  9. Blitz86 says:

    Wow, she is so stupid. I don’t think she even knows why everyone is

  10. Javi Flores says:


  11. Mod 879 says:

    During the break time the mom was probably like let me snort some of this
    white stuff

  12. spartan117m15 says:

    The epitome of a waste of oxygen.

  13. ljohnson41 says:

    Tribute to Stewie Griffin

  14. X. V says:

    why are people getting mad? Lol its just a game show…

  15. ItsMaz says:

    Take the L black people take the L

  16. Peter Park says:

    Can’t believe her brother is in my White House.

  17. jonathan_g says:

    I wish it didnt cut off there and showed us the answers!

  18. Aura Bod says:

    That Audience will clap for anything LOl 1:45. They might be as dumb as the
    Nanni oh sry i mean MAMIII

  19. quest 34667 says:

    HAAAAA LOL….smh.

  20. Dpw Hall says:

    stop black people 2016