Oh No. Why is THIS Trending?!

Oh No. Why is THIS Trending?!

The internet can be an awful place sometimes.

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20 Responses

  1. Mitch T says:

    this can also be applied to Youtube.. why the fuck are some of those lame
    vlogs trending?

  2. JFyst says:


  3. GuiltyMcQueetsch says:

    Love it!

  4. spinorama29 says:

    Reminds me of after the Brussels attacks when #stopislam was trending, not
    because people were actually saying it, but because everyone was tweeting

  5. The Guy Right Up Your Street says:

    Not only is this the CollegeHumor I subscribed to, this needs to be a
    constant thing.

  6. Ella Here says:

    Reminds me of @midnight with Chris Hardwick or what it’s called, on Comedt

  7. Putrid Pansy says:

    holy shit they’re STILL crying about Trump.
    Fucking Collegehumour is so god damn pathetic.
    And when the fuck has he EVER said something sexist or racist? Tell me. I
    dare you.

  8. 24spencer says:

    [!!!political commentary! !!]

  9. jamchocod5 says:

    Why is collegehumor focusing on 7-8 people only?

  10. CPTsmith says:

    there next video need’s Jake and amir

  11. Pikaxorus says:

    I want more!!!

  12. AliPapa says:

    #WhatAmIDoingHere … now that’s the one

  13. doctoryusuf says:

    I can never get over grants “fuck!” its too priceless.

  14. Will Otta says:

    CollegeHumor are PC sheep

  15. KSSXerxes Gaming says:

    Is it a coincidence that the 87th second (1:27) is next to Trapp saying ‘No
    no, you’re all on the wrong tracks’?

    Why yes, yes it is. Kinda cool though, I went looking and found a ‘look
    elsewhere’ message.

  16. Kevin Malenda says:

    I am so glad I gave up the twitter.

  17. NIKUsKB says:

    OMG please stop
    Just stop
    Leave Donald alone
    he’s good guy and i know he was be a great president

  18. The Dinkstar says:

    Hey at least its better than buzzfeed!

  19. MegaKaiser100 says:

    Want MOAR

  20. Robert Carl Angelo Arrojo says:

    Kobe 60 points