Ohio man broadcasts killing on Facebook live

Ohio man broadcasts killing on Facebook live

Ohio man broadcasts killing on Facebook

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20 Responses

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    That video should be removed. That is the saddest thing that could happen on The Resurrection Day. Prayers to the Family! ????

  2. chonitoization says:

    cop’s only shoot unarmed people can’t find that ass hole ?

  3. Cookies Dolls says:

    I hope the police catch this jackass and put him on the death penalty. May this motherfucker rot in hell

  4. Andrea Prince Barajas says:

    I feel so bad for the elderly family! ? Why would he do this on resurrection day? this was so sad

  5. Edward Limney says:

    Boy, people sure are dumb as fuck? you would think by NOW folks would catch on how things work? this is not what they say, this is #fakenews

  6. B_M_F_710 says:

    Dont call the police if you see him. Just light his ass on fire.

  7. Slave Master says:

    I know the man he goes to the place I work at he was a normal guy but he snapped I hope the fucker burns in hell fucking piece of shit

  8. Griffin Kohlman says:

    stupid niggers always shooting people

  9. Learn&teach2Learn says:

    Wow dude come on man. Killing other people . That could be my grandfather there. Really disturbing man. Just take your own life.

  10. pallmall city says:

    please don’t just shoot him on sight make his death painful and slow..

  11. iFineFilmz Pabla says:


  12. snake plissken says:

    if you look like suge knight stay indoors

  13. Davieboy Sibley says:

    Facebook needs to be shut down..

  14. Denver Levins says:

    Fuck asking this man to turn himself in, just if you see him. Tie his ass up, and torture the fuck out of this nigga!!! Beat the fuck out of him! Cut his fucking dick off! Make this dumb ass nigga suffer. Pulling up on a random stranger an old dude who looks as innocent as can be, then just gonna open on him OVER SOME BITCH?????? FUCK THAT, LIGHT THIS NIGGA UP. DONT KILL HIM, MAKE THIS NIGGA DIE A SLOW MOTHAFUCKING DEATH

  15. Mojos Carnage says:

    I wouldn’t mind if ISIS ppl beheaded this fuck on live tv

  16. Lady Zest says:

    He’s evil and i hope he rots in hell, but why do people always have to bring race up? he’s a terrible person for this, not because he’s black. simply because thats who he is. hope he gets life.

  17. agnel jills says:

    All black and brown people must be executed
    we don’t need them

  18. CCC says:

    I bet 100 bucks BLM won’t say shit about this

  19. Negan says:


  20. RP says:

    He should been caught every cell phone can be traced.

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