Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.

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93 Responses

  1. IlastarothTayre says:

    I’m honestly amazed by the creativity Gordon puts in his insults. That’s art right there.

  2. Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions says:

    Not only if someone ends up dead, the body will still be raw and undercooked.

  3. Jay Milligan says:

    I just love that this isn’t censored, unlike TV.

  4. KattsArt says:

    Gordon should write a book of insults. I’d buy 2.

  5. Hiker Clarence says:

    Brian looks like a kid that didn’t grow up and instead just increased in size

  6. Project 101 says:

    Valentines f**king Massacre…

  7. SadEconomics Fakhar says:

    meanwhile my brain :


  8. Chad Khoury says:

    *Ramsay shuts down the restaurant after finding multiple health hazards*

    staff: *shocked pikachu*

  9. Celina Depp says:

    The cooks are literally smiling when Gordon confronts them on their horrible practices. Way to go! Take a once in a lifetime opportunity and not take what Gordon has to say seriously.

  10. Todd's Tropicals says:

    Brian is like a giant vacant cartoon wandering around, while utter garbage is being served… Happy Valentine’s!

  11. Stef Myt says:

    With a title like that, you must be mad not to click on the video.

  12. Connor Moore says:

    Panini Head Larry: “No I’m dirty Dan”

  13. candiigurl7893 says:

    Wait so, the bread pudding really had shrimp in it?!

    My lord, the people who run this place are disgusting.

  14. VP Perf says:

    “Life goes on”

    Well… unless they are eating at your restaurant…

  15. Quartz Universe says:

    **Customer dies by eating old food**
    Owner: “Well that’s not good” “I’m not gonna sit in the corner and cry about it”

  16. Castsmith says:

    arrogant owner/chef: “we need gordon ramsay”
    gordon ramsay: ” i’m about to end this man whole career”

  17. CaptainMcFlawww says:

    Gordan Ramsey, the only person that can use the word “Panini” as an insult.

  18. Mr Ckapm says:

    “Do you wash the spinach?”

    “We get it pre-washed.” Bruh

  19. Sandesh Subedi says:

    The person handling this channel definitely knows his stuff and perfectly understand what we are going to watch at 3 am with such title.

  20. Jesse Torres says:

    Someone should make a 10 minute supercut of Gordon’s best insults to cooks and managers.

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