Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.

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93 Responses

  1. IlastarothTayre says:

    I’m honestly amazed by the creativity Gordon puts in his insults. That’s art right there.

    • Randy Lemuz says:

      Shut up feminists

    • Richard You says:

      +Zenigundam Just because he has days to think of a retort doesn’t mean that he does.

    • Pablo Paul says:

      This show promotes abuse. Its meant to desensitize you so when your “superior” abuses you you compliement them on their so called “creativity” instead of telling them telling them to fuck off with their shit attitude.

    • Mr Juan says:

      Zenigundam if someone else said his insults it wouldn’t sound good ??? but Gordon has that quality that he can turn anything into an insult

    • Tke _10 says:

      Zenigundam and this is coming from someone that’s uploads Smash Bros videos?

  2. Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions says:

    Not only if someone ends up dead, the body will still be raw and undercooked.

  3. Jay Milligan says:

    I just love that this isn’t censored, unlike TV.

  4. KattsArt says:

    Gordon should write a book of insults. I’d buy 2.

  5. Hiker Clarence says:

    Brian looks like a kid that didn’t grow up and instead just increased in size

  6. Project 101 says:

    Valentines f**king Massacre…

  7. SadEconomics Fakhar says:

    meanwhile my brain :


  8. Chad Khoury says:

    *Ramsay shuts down the restaurant after finding multiple health hazards*

    staff: *shocked pikachu*

  9. Celina Depp says:

    The cooks are literally smiling when Gordon confronts them on their horrible practices. Way to go! Take a once in a lifetime opportunity and not take what Gordon has to say seriously.

    • Fart Wet says:

      Celina Depp I think the producers seek out people like that. If they were humbled and grateful ready to hear him and save a dying business it wouldn’t be as fun to watch as the people who get mad at him when he finds the rotten shit they have hidden all over the place.

    • Corvus monedula says:

      It’s just the smile of fear
      People do that sometimes

    • TheDilegaf says:

      They should take the chance to learn, but these guys have known for a long time the sht they do is wrong

    • Unknown says:

      Or maybe they know its horrible but can’t do anything about it cos of the owner?

    • Parker Harris says:

      Unknown they where the owners lol

  10. Todd's Tropicals says:

    Brian is like a giant vacant cartoon wandering around, while utter garbage is being served… Happy Valentine’s!

  11. Stef Myt says:

    With a title like that, you must be mad not to click on the video.

  12. Connor Moore says:

    Panini Head Larry: “No I’m dirty Dan”

  13. candiigurl7893 says:

    Wait so, the bread pudding really had shrimp in it?!

    My lord, the people who run this place are disgusting.

  14. VP Perf says:

    “Life goes on”

    Well… unless they are eating at your restaurant…

  15. Quartz Universe says:

    **Customer dies by eating old food**
    Owner: “Well that’s not good” “I’m not gonna sit in the corner and cry about it”

  16. Castsmith says:

    arrogant owner/chef: “we need gordon ramsay”
    gordon ramsay: ” i’m about to end this man whole career”

  17. CaptainMcFlawww says:

    Gordan Ramsey, the only person that can use the word “Panini” as an insult.

  18. Mr Ckapm says:

    “Do you wash the spinach?”

    “We get it pre-washed.” Bruh

  19. Sandesh Subedi says:

    The person handling this channel definitely knows his stuff and perfectly understand what we are going to watch at 3 am with such title.

  20. Jesse Torres says:

    Someone should make a 10 minute supercut of Gordon’s best insults to cooks and managers.

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