Oliver Stone Spent Two Years Interviewing Vladimir Putin

Oliver Stone Spent Two Years Interviewing Vladimir Putin

Fresh off of ‘The Putin Interviews’ in which the documentarian spent an extended period of time with the Russian President, Oliver Stone sits down to defend widespread criticism that he’s been too soft on Vladimir Putin.

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20 Responses

  1. Koffelbourg1 says:

    Omg the excerpt at the beginning, Putin is just straight up lying and smiling about it haha

  2. Andreas Dimitriadis says:

    Oliver Stone always had a soft spot for regimes.
    I remember who fondly his description was for Fidel.

  3. harlequindemon666 says:

    Well, that was weird.

  4. Luciano Chiarotto says:

    hitler also put germany interests above everything else, i wonder if stone also respects him…

  5. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Colbert doesn’t always grill his guests but when he does he does it well, and with respect.

  6. valgehiir says:

    2 years of gently blowing a bloody dictator, well done, Oliver Stone!

  7. avis cyrus says:

    colbert is savage af

  8. Sam says:

    This is what happens when you send a conspiracy theorist to talk to someone like Putin. Stone is a geat filmmaker, but he is NOT a good journalist or docunentarian.

    Well done Stephen. Stone, that was a huge missed opportunity. You were chosen by Putin for a reason and it looks like you served your purpose well.

  9. the Necromancer1987 says:

    that was awkward.

  10. frankdrebin1234 says:

    What the hell happened to Oliver Stone! Sad.

  11. Hugh James-Berry says:

    what a petulant audience for laughing. he’s trying to be objective as a film maker

  12. Денис Глушков says:

    I am from Russia. I respect Stone, I like him as a director, but he is either oblivious, or incredibly naive. That bit about Putin wanting to be partners with USA – of course he says to the american interviewer that he wants the partnership. You know what Putin and all our government officials say about US on Russian TV? They are enemies, they continiously try to sabotage Russian regime or/and our allies, that it is US that staged protests in Ukraine, that it is american secret agencies that feed opposition. Anyone, who publicly criticizes official point of view, almost immediatly is pronounced american spy, that wants to destroy Russia. Go on the streets of any Russian city and ask people, should we be friends with USA, and 80% will answer, that we are sworn enemies. These are results of Putin government and Putin propaganda. It even became a joke when Obama still was a president. “There is shit at my door – Probably Obama’s”.

  13. Carpe Diem says:

    Criticizing Putin for not being a democrat, why not. But in this case, why USA is the biggest ally of Saudi Arabia since decades? Is it a more democratic country?
    Be serious! It’s all about money and influence, not democracy

  14. TheSpiritOfTheTimes says:

    Colbert danced on his show around Henry Kissinger who killed millions of innocent human beings.

  15. Nikita Gusarov says:

    American media are so superficial that now they have a comedy show to talk complex international politics.

  16. Britney Small says:

    The only reason he got this interview (with Putin) was because he’s a sympathizer… That has to be clear everyone.

  17. fidorover says:

    “I knew I should’ve just done Jimmy Fallon.”
    — _Oliver Stone, halfway through whatever that just was_

  18. Moby Ostrep says:

    probably a good idea to watch the documentary before criticising it; just saying.

  19. mpendulo tembe says:

    Wow America. You wont even listen to reason. You just want someone to re assure your assumption about someone else Instead of maybe taking on a new perspective or understanding of the man. Its really dis heartening. And by Americans i mean just the people in the audience. I don’t want to sound like I am putting all Americans in one box.

  20. dante dmc says:

    Did you noticed how disgusted oliver stone became from steven colbert

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