Oliver Tree – Let Me Down [Official Music Video]

Oliver Tree – Let Me Down [Official Music Video]

Directed & Written by Oliver Tree | Download/stream: http://olivertree.lnk.to/LetMeDownID

Produced by Enzo Marc
Production Company – Roble Ridge – http://robleridgeproductions.com
ASMR director: Ryan Farber

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

You save yourself
I’ll save myself this time around
You save yourself
I’ll save you too next time around
I’m not around, I haven’t been here for a while
You know I’ll never be back now

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around

It’s the same old shit, I’m getting sick of it
It’s still the same old shit, stop putting up with it
Somehow I’ve seen, you’re someone else
Somehow I’ve seen, you turned into someone else

Please don’t let me down
Please don’t let me down
You better come around

I won’t come around

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74 Responses

  1. Pixelepsi says:

    This is sad and all…

    But those headphones are lit

  2. Tristan * says:

    just him chasing the damn mic got me for some reason. few laughs.

  3. Inter Dimensional Goober says:

    This is what happens when you hit randomize on the create a character menu.

  4. HeyItsHunner says:

    When the mic would started moving away and it would get quieter i lost it.

  5. Charzar says:

    Man, commercials are getting weirder and weirder these days…

  6. Awesome Gamer says:

    It’s weird because he literally said in the lyrics he’s gonna leave

  7. Kaylinda Loya says:

    tell me why i thought that was pink guy/joji in the beginning…

  8. Renaud Jacob says:

    When your mad because Colors didn’t invite you on their show

  9. Angelo Davis says:

    Producer: “okay Oliver we have a budget to work to this time”

  10. No_Friends says:

    Hopefully this is a dream and he is joking about retiring

    • Patrick Wilkinson says:

      Obviously.. he does this with every single song.

    • Tyler Flores says:

      He’s retiring with a part of his music career but not the whole thing

    • Slouch Westfall says:

      No_Friends i think he’s gonna come back with a different name and the whole oliver tree era is gonna be over

    • Maximas Longneck jalali says:

      Trust me he is it’s his character ur learn not to beileve his bull crap don’t get me wrong I love his music it’s just the direction he is going in is overall and for his career

  11. Juan Pablo says:

    Mans really about to retire when he’s probably at the peak of his career man😓

    • 843jack1 says:

      Oliver will never Hit a peak in his career, this man will never stop rising.

    • Deputy Birb says:

      He’s just going to be retiring this character and delaying the album. This boi will be back. He’s done something similar before.

    • Depressing Elmo says:

      Deputy Birb like when he was just “Tree”

    • Migraine says:

      He’s bluffing with the term “retirement” this is just a market ploy to get more streams, views, and subscriptions, bro is on a roll and he’s not retiring anytime soon.

  12. NoVoiceChanger says:

    Ladies and gentlemen..

    It’s a bop.

  13. Remi says:

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that he threw away a perfectly good sandwich??

  14. Victoria says:

    “Oliver can’t make a bad song”

    Change my mind

  15. Michael Nu says:

    Producer: So what music genre are you?

    Oliver Tree: Yes.

  16. Jake Lee Asen says:

    Hey look Pink Guy is back, he’s just behind the scenes

  17. A Simple Opinion says:

    joji’s photo by the end, all these pink guys… HE IS PULLING A FILTHY FRANK!

  18. Alexis smith says:

    Maybe since it’s a movie set he will be making a movie about his life and music? 😂😂😂 Tbh I’m very sad to see him go. I hope it’s just a joke but if not I hope life’s good for him

  19. roar c says:

    I think he’s moving away from his memey persona like Joji did with Frank and pink guy ect. There are references to George with the Pink suits, and the picture of Joji under the second most left monitor as the shot is fading out. The way the video progressed it seemed to me like he was being the memeable guy at the start with the ASMR eating, then he’s getting tired of only being able to be recognized for that rather than his music and punts a doll of him self symbolizing him wanted to break away from it. Finally, as the end he’s fed up and it seems like it’s always following him like a rain cloud when he pulls the level. He then jumps into the propping as an abrupt ending perhaps symbolizing he’s finally done with being that person? Just some thoughts. What a fucking banger though

  20. Claire Phillips says:

    He’s definitely just giving up his persona but will continue to make music.

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