Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman speaks at Larry Nassar sentencing

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman speaks at Larry Nassar sentencing

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman speaks at the Larry Nassar sentencing.

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32 Responses

  1. Rebecca Robinson says:

    Aly is a CHAMPION! What a hero and role model.

  2. Rachel Cormeny says:

    Love you aly!

  3. Lara Badioli says:

    She’s a fighter!

  4. Melissa Haas says:


  5. Laura Hamilton says:

    Aly is so amazing 💜

  6. Rachel Loo says:

    Aly for President!!!

  7. Aina C says:

    Her statement is so strong and touching

  8. Beata K says:

    I’m in awe of her strength and bravery!

  9. Robin Layton says:

    Aly is a strong voice for all the survivors.

  10. irene.angelina says:

    Aly💞, we are here for you, for your work, we would go with you for any trace he done!

  11. Daniel Berhane says:

    Fierce and unbreakable

  12. PJ Bottoms says:

    She is intelligent and tenacious! Ally, please use your name and your brand to facilitate positive change in the sport of gymnastics. USA Gymnastics and USOC are too politically motivated and like you said, they need to change from the inside out. And just making polite noises and distancing themselves from Larry isn’t going to cut it!

  13. Rochelle Amadeo says:

    What an Awesome testimony. Her words and the impact of those words are far beyond her young age. Congratulations on that strength . It is the same strength that makes you the Olympian that you are.

  14. Olivia O'Brien says:

    Wow, what a powerful speech.

  15. Lindsay Marie says:

    so unrealistically sickening that he has the audacity to touch aly and more than 140+ women in extremely inappropriate places. so proud if aly, so well said.

  16. chasej822 says:

    A true American hero.

  17. Kayla Rice says:

    You are a amazing women. A strong women. And a fighter. The abuse you received by that monster doesn’t define who you are..you have accomplished your gold medals. You never gave him that power to take your passion and drive of gymnastics.

  18. Ron Welengindyon says:

    She bad as hell bruh

  19. CJ BTWatmr_gooble says:

    Dam she’s fine

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